2015 US Open Brass Band Championships - Draw

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    November 7th, 2015
    1. Fountain City
    2. Madison
    3. Prairie
    4. Eastern Iowa
    5. Dublin Silver Band
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    Repertoire from today...results later tonight.

    Draw 1
    Fountain City BB, Joe Parisi
    Inception (Time & An Ideal of Hope), Graham/Zimmer, arr. Harrelson
    Knight Templar, Allen
    The Heat of the Day, Metheny, arr. J.V. Larsen
    Starlight, Meechan (Helen Harrison, baritone; Jennifer Oliverio, flugel)
    Excerpts from The Triumph of Time, Graham

    Draw 2
    Madison BB, Craig Mason
    Liberty Fanfare, Williams, arr. Sykes
    Ticket to Ride, Lennon, arr. Fernie
    Komm Susser Swing, JS Bach, arr. Craig Mason
    Isthmus March, Mason
    City of Tears, Kirby

    Draw 3
    Prairie BB, Mary Gingrich
    Overture: Carnival, Dvorak, arr. Brand
    Ride, Hazo, arr. Bates
    Manha de Carnival, Bonfa (Tom Henehan, Flugel)
    The Purple Carnival March, Alford
    Carnival, Ferguson

    Draw 4
    Eastern Iowa BB, Alexander Beamer
    Harlequin, Sparke (Ben Reid, euphonium)
    The Wizard, Allan
    Dragonheart, Edelman, arr. Bernaerts
    The Legend of King Arthur, Meechan

    Draw 5
    Dublin Silver Band, Tim Jameson
    Love You Forever, various, JT Jameson
    You've Got a Friend in Me, Newman, T Jameson (David Mazon, cornet)
    Symphonic Movement, Nelhybel, arr. JT Jameson
    Adagio, Khachaturian, arr. Mayers (George Zonders, flugel)
    Honour the Brave, Rimmer
    Where Eagles Sing, Lovatt-Cooper
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    2015 U.S. Open Brass Band Championship Results
    1. Dublin Silver Band
    2. Fountain City Brass Band
    3. Eastern Iowa Brass Band

    Most Entertaining - Dublin Silver Band
    Best March - Eastern Iowa Brass Band
    Best Soloist - Prairie Brass Band
    Best New Arrangement/Composition - Madison Brass Band
    Best Percussion - Madison Brass Band
    Best Busker - Eastern Iowa (Fermatas) $258

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