2015 Scottish Championships

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    Good topic. There's more quality writing and opinions on the Scottish than for any other area, so thanks to The Scottish Critic and smaca and other usual contributors like Statto and Kofi. We all have bands that we support but it seems to me that there are more people with a general interest in banding in Scotland than elsewhere who regularly attend contests, are in touch with what's going on and are prepared to offer thought through opinions. Long may it continue and let's hope it encourages similar informed views from enthusiasts elsewhere.
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    Thought I'd give this a wee go....

    Championship Section - my predictions are 1st Whitburn, 2nd Co-op 3rd Kirky
    1st Section -1st Boness, 2nd UNISON 3rd Newtongrange
    2nd Section - 1st Arbroath, 2nd B&L 3rd Shotts
    3rd Section - 1st Renfrew, 2nd Barrhead 3rd Langholm
    4th Section - 1st Whitburn Heartland, 2nd Buckhaven 3rd Highland Brass

    Just a wee guess... good luck to all bands taking part
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    "be of little surprise if your band is not playing in Championship section a year from now".....of course, remove the word " not" (English grammmirr never my strong point).......meaning it would be little surprise if Tullis are playing in Championship next year.
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    Ah well, thats it over for another year.....well done to all prize winners(individuals/bands). All the Race Nights needing arranged now to fund the trip to finals. :)
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    Enjoyable trip up to Perth for the most part. For us, the result was irrelevant as we were simply glad to have made it to the stage after the torrid past couple of months that we have had.

    Onwards and upwards, lots of good young talent coming through in both our main band and training band.
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    Not bad Alan!
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    Firstly to to the comment above, bands feelings towards others should not be broadcast on social media. It certainly goes against what the movement is all about.

    On on another note, I heard quite a number of bands and most I heard certainly could have been up there against some of the Yorkshire bands from last weekend. It's a credit to the hard working bands who want to compete against bands from all over Britain to claim the hottest region contest! Long may it continue.

    Johnstone massive (the bass team) had an absolute ball on Sunday walking away with a well earned 3rd place :)
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    What a very strange thing to say?

    Ha ha, good one, I guess this was put up as an early April fools prank?
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    The comment I highlighted is to do with my departure from a band, you should have seen the nonsense I saw on Facebook, least the above was minor!

    I I was in Yorkshire last weekend and listened to every single band of every section, most of the bands I heard at the weekend were far better prepared, and the battle in the 1st and 2nd section this year was amazing up here, in Yorkshire it was very difficult to decipher due to the error count. But great test pieces across the board to challenge every band!
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    I know! I am impressed! 6 correct placings! Should I go work for 4barsrest?