2015 Scottish Championships

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  1. Not much discussion about this years contest so far but I will start and put my thoughts up first, feel free to add your predictions. And can I say good luck to all bands who will take the stage at Perth in March

    Championship Section

    1. Co-op
    2. Whitburn
    3. Clackmannan

    The two top bands will be hard to separate this year with Whitburn on good form at the end of the year and the Co will want to make amends for the Scottish open, so the first two places could go either way but I don't see any other band in any of these positions. Clackmannan have been very consistent and with a new MD for the Scottish I think they could make the podium this year. You can never discount Kirkintilloch and Kirkie Kelvin will also fancy their chances this year. So once again a lot of intrigue in this section

    First Section

    1. Bo'ness
    2. Kinniel
    3. Tullis

    Any band that wants to win the first section I feel will need to beat Bo'ness, they showed a lot of class winning the Fife Contest in Sept, but feel they will be pushed all the way by local rivals Kinniel and both bands will want a return to the top section. Tullis were on excellent form all last year and I wouldn't discount the idea that they can get their name on a piece of Silver at the contest. Johnston and Bathgate will be pushing all the way and both with relatively new MD's.

    Second Section

    1. Arbroath
    2. Shotts
    3. St Ronans

    This will be a tough contest for second section bands as the test piece is very hard but for me Arbroath showed good form all last year and Shotts finished the year strong and they will have a new MD (not ben named yet as far as I know)so I expect them to be up there. St Ronans are a steady band and will fancy their chances against the others in this section. Perthshire Jed and Tullis Intermediate shouldn't be to far behind. Are Kingdom B going ? hearing various rumours but they have not been seen since last May so this could be a tough ask for them. Dunaskin had a great performance at the Nationals and they will want to put a marker down in this section after bouncing straight back up.

    Third Section

    1. Renfrew
    2. Barrhead
    3. Selkirk

    Renfrew just got better and better towards the end of the year and Mark Good has them in good shape and I expect them to win this section. Barrhead were just pipped last year by Tullis Intermediate and Dunskin and I expect them on the podium one better than last year. Selkirk have been constant and I fancy them for third this year. Irvine and Langholm won't be far away either.

    Fourth Section

    1. Whitburn Heartlands
    2. Buckhaven
    3. Highland Brass

    This years contest will be a great event with 14 bands entered and if they all get on stage on the day it will be an excellent contest. For me Whitburn Heartlands and Buckhaven will be too strong for the rest of the field. Whitburn with their blend of youth and experience will be difficult to beat, and Buckhaven I think will join them at Cheltenham later in the year (you don't take your band away to a highland retreat, bring in tricky Dickie for the weekend if you are not serious about winning this contest) Mark Bell is doing a great job with Highland Brass and I would expect them to be in at third. Bon Accord B and Penicuik will be in the mix as well.
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    Shotts Band's new MD will be announced later this week. Yes, Kingdom B will be attending also.
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    I agree with the majority of your predictions here Scottish Critic but I think some bands to watch for include Bon Accord, Dunaskin and Tullis B
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    Are they keeping their first section position?
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    Not sure what you are referring to Gordon and I dont want to comment out of turn but Kingdom B will be taking part in the second section contest.
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    Shotts St Patricks Brass announce new Musical Director

    Shotts St Patricks Brass is delighted to announce the appointment of Kenny Letham as their new Musical Director.
    Kenny is a professional trombonist, arranger and private brass and piano tutor. He is also the current MD at the Lochgelly Band.

    Statement from Kenny:

    “I was immediately impressed with the band’s obvious desire to make an impact at the Scottish Championships this year. Shotts Band has an exceptional ensemble sound and superb soloists throughout the sections. With commitment and hard work I’m very excited to see what we can achieve together”

    Statement from Lynsey Mcilwraith, Band Secretary:

    “Shotts St Patricks are very excited to be working with Kenny. We feel that not only Kenny’s experience but also his attitude, style, approach and drive make him the right MD to push the band hard and hopefully to success in 2015”

    Kenny’s first engagement with the band will be the 2015 Scottish Championships
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    Thats what I was wondering. Thanks.
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    Kingdom B didn't secure a 1st section position they won the third section in 2013 and came 8th in the second section last year?
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    Sounds like there will be a lot of bands missing this year? Only 8 in the 2nd section unless my info is wrong... We are really enjoying this test piece, has to be one of my favourites. See y'all there!
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    I understood there to be 11 bands in the section this year
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    It was weird, I got a message about the pre draw but the date was wrong, the timing made no sense as it was AM, and it was draw of 8 bands. Secretary checking it out for me!
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    You're right, just has it confirmed: a slight admin error so it's the 11 after all! Good luck :)
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    Good luck to all :)
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    What time is the first band due on stage Saturday morning?
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    Whereabouts are the scotch areas held?
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  17. wkt

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    Thank you.
  18. Hi All, just heard that City Of Discovery will not be taking part in the second section, due to low numbers they have withdrawn but the players from CoD have a greed to sign for Dundee Instrumental Band so that one full strength band from Dundee can take part in the Championships, what a very unselfish act by the player s from CoD I hope it works out and its not to long before CoD are back to full strength.

    Any other bands we know about having the same difficulty, low numbers ?
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    That's decent of CoD, responding to a call of duty ;-) Looking forward to a good contest in a fortnight. Out numbers are good, we just have the slight hassle that a good chunk of our players are at uni so not always back for band as much as we and they would like. I think it's important to be patient in these circumstances as we are already starting to see players come back and get involved again once they have graduated. My tuned percussionist has (unfortunately??!) done so well at uni that she is playing a solo in Birmingham instead of doing the Scottish! One of our brave young brassers has stepped up to the timps instead, showing a great attitude. Whatever the result, we will put on a big performance and enjoy a braw day and night out!
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    Interesting comments and views on this contest.Thanks.

    For me, Championship will be the usual 1 and 2( Co-op, Whitburn)fighting for top spot, but below that could be interesting. I heard all bands at Scottish Open, and sensed Kirkintilloch were returning to previous high levels of performance, and played very well that day....so they could be knocking on the door come 15th March. Any result for bands below top 2 would be no surpirse really.

    First Section is more difficult to forecast. Many good bands,and many arguably capable of playing and staying in Championship. Been fortunate enough on last two contest performances of London Overture to be part of a band who won, so I know piece fairly well. I reckon most bands will play the notes, but if fast bits rushed and no space to hear notes, may be dificult to be in prizes(stating the obvious I know). Also very musical piece, with many opportunities for some passion and style(particularly solo cornet)where MD can earn their crust with some tatsy interpretation......oh, and the 4 tricky cadenzas will need to be nailed and safe on first page. In summary,for me, anyone can win this contest........previous form out the window on this. Level playing field, with solid cadenzas, tatsy corrnet playing, and clarity in the fast bits needed to be up near the top.......easy said I know :)

    Not so familiar with other pieces to be honest, but many good bands in all remaining 3 sections.....some demoted from previous year, some promoted, so there could be many good battles in there.

    No real secret formula to winning I suspect...........well attended rehearslas, many sectionals, home practice, and no sagas last week(burst lips, broken arms,working,cold, tootache) ...................... if all that in place ,ususally results in these bands doing well. Again, easier said than done.

    After all that, good luck to all, and most of all, enjoy performing and expressing.........you don't lose your house or job if you miss a note! :)