2015 Area Test Piece Workshop

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    An Invitation from the ODBBA

    On Sunday 25th January 2015 Dean Jones and Philip Sparke will be taking a test piece workshop in Yarnton (Oxfordshire), they will spend 2 hours each with bands formed from players in ODBBA bands.

    This is a great opportunity to listen to the composers of the 3rd and 4th section test pieces talk about the music they wrote and the story behind their compositions.
    You are invited to join us for just £3, players and conductors will all benefit from the workshop and we very much look forward to welcoming you.

    When: Sunday 25th January 2015
    Where: Yarnton Village hall OX5 1TE
    Time: Doors open at 9.45am

    4th Section Workshop led by Dean Jones from 10am to 12noon
    3rd Section Workshop led by Philip Sparke from 1pm to 3pm

    Put the date in your diary and look forward to seeing you on 25th January 2015
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    Thanks to everybody who took part in today's workshop with Dean Jones and Philip Sparke. It was a great day, and both composers shared very useful insight into their music. If you were at today's event, I'd be very pleased to receive your feedback - you can PM me if you want!

    Thanks to Dean and Philip for their hard work in leading the bands through the day. It was very much appreciated.

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