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    Hi All;

    Derwent Brass, in partnership with Paul McGhee, are very proud to be shortlisted in the 2013 Epic Awards. The Epic Awards are all about showcasing the very best in amateur art and craft activity across the UK and Republic of Ireland and it is fantastic to see a brass band in there.

    The application submitted, was based on the contemporary work we commissioned by Paul McGhee, (winner of the Europeans Brass Composers Championship 2012) and performed throughout the year, most noticeably at the Wychavon Festival of Brass which was well recieved especially by Phil Harper. In addition, we highlighted the work the band had done in their 20th anniversary year (2012) in all events, but most importantly the concerts for charity and local workshops for performers and composers.

    It is great to see a brass band featured in the Epic Awards, especially for something different such as new/contemporary music, which as many of you may feel, is important in the progession and momentum needed for our movement.

    If you would like to support this, please vote for Derwent Brass on this link http://epicawards.co.uk/shortlist/

    All you have to do is click the green thumbs up button to place your vote which goes towards the People's Award.

    If you have any questions, please post away, otherwise thank you for your support. :tup
  2. mr_nismo

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    Thanks to those who have voted for us so far! It is really appreciated.
  3. backrow

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    looks to be going well but you are being beaten by the knitting group
  4. mr_nismo

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    can you believe it! they had about 100 votes within 2 mins of it being open. reckon they are changing IP addresses and just voting! lol
  5. backrow

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    best of luck and well done for trying

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