2013 Area Test pieces rumours.

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    Harmony music = Brilliant, but a technical nightmare. I've got through it on the contest stage twice, but would not claim to have 'played' it as the dexterity needed from the entire band is phenomenal - certainly beyond what I could produce when I last saw it in 2005.

    Brass Triumpant = not seen a score or part yet, but it sounds OK from the listen I've had to Cory's recording. Sounds very reminiscent of Peter Graham in places. I've certainly played worse.

    Plantagenets = <Sigh> What have the second section done to deserve their last two choices - both of which are wonderful pieces, both of which are IMHO too hard for the section. I played this at butlins in '08 (?) and there were a few absolute shockers from first section bands, so i pity the 2nd section bands who now have to tackle it. A very stern test. (Incidentally, we weren't unscathed either, and we placed second on the day....)

    Hollywood, I don't know at all, so I'll refrain from comment.

    Devon Fantasy = Not Eric Ball's finest hour. It's not a bad piece (Ball didn't, to my knowledge, ever write a bad piece), but hasn't aged very well.
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    Delighted with Plantagenets for 2nd Section (I think!) but more importantly...any rumours about the test pieces for Areas 2014...? just wondering... ;-)
  3. I'm gutted. I've wanted to play it own choice for years but our MD is not a fan, and then it gets set as the Area piece and we've been ****** promoted!

    edit: I cannot believe bl00dy gets moderated - now it looks like I was properly swearing :-?
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    Looks like we are back to agreeing on things Andi! (now that Symphony of Marches rumours were just rumours...)

    I'm already looking forward to paying it at the ABBA Workshop in January given that we were the winning band at the aforementioned Butlins 2008 1st section (loads of changes since then as you know)

    it is going to be a massive ask for some bands, not least for the front row cornets and soloists - stamina alone likely to be a major problem. I would imagine that bands coming up from the 3rd section following some 3rd and 4th prizes will be daunted to say the least.

    it's still one of my favourites even if there are parts that don't work e.g. the ending

    Dont forget - it was on this piece that Elgar Howarth made his one and only appearance at the Yorks Area - and won (1973)

    John R
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    Brassbandresults also has him winning with them in 1974 on Variations on a Ninth​. Now I can't see that being set for the 2nd section any time soon!
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    Sorry you're wrong - it was Jim Scott

    Trust me I was there (I'm v sad...)

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  8. Interestingly, having once won the 2nd section at Buxton on Plantagenets with a previous band, the adjudicator commented afterwards that whilst it was one of the "easier" pieces we could at least play it. I suppose all things are relative though, as I seem to recall bands playing the likes of Trittico and Diadem of Gold in our section that day.