2012 Nationals Test Piece - Championship Section

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    PLease could someone tell me what the test piece is this year in London?? Cant find it anywhere!

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    Link removed.

    Stephen - can't do that I'm afraid. Copyright implications et al.
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    All information regarding the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain is on their website www.nationalbrassbandchampionships.com
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    Following the success of offering for purchase by download all of the Championship Section performances at this year’s European Brass Band Championships, World of Brass is pleased to announce that all 20 performances of Daphnis and Chloe from last weekend’s National Finals are now available to download from the World of Brass Tunes store.

    Individual performances are available for £1.99 each while the whole contest (20 bands) is available for just £14.99. Tracks are listed in draw order so, even if you weren’t at the Royal Albert Hall last Saturday, you can enjoy the contest as it happened!

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    www.7digital is rubbish. I have written to them 3 times asking them for a refund on an MP3 download (I ordered one band and got another) and they have yet to reply. Total thunbs down. I shall never buy another digital recording from them.
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    Which band did you order and why do you think you got another?
    Each track has got totally different coding behind the scenes so I fail to understand how you could end up with a different track to the one you ordered.
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    I have found the exact opposite. 7digital have been very responsive and I have no complaints. They have responded to my periodic questions quickly, in detail and highly professionally.
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    Well that's great for you but if you check out 7ditital FB page you will see that there are a lot of people complaining about customer services. I shall now just trawl around and look for a free track of Brighouse Daphnis & Chloe instead of buying it, if they don't contact me soon. I was happy to pay for the track but think that 7digital should let me exchage or refund...or at easy just reply.
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    Has anyone compared the original Britannia Fodens recording under Howard Snell with those from the National? I think it would be interesting to read such comments, especially from those on here who have the skill to make such a comparison.
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    I got it sorted but only after going onto their Facebook page and moaning loudly. Thanks;)
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    Got it sorted in the end after using 7digital FB page.