2012 National Youth Brass Band Championships

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    Just thought I would post a result:
    Junior Band Section
    RNCM Concert Hall

    Adjudicators: John Doyle and Sheona White

    1. Chalford (Steve Tubb) (Gold)
    2. Fred Longworth High School (Helen Robinson) (Gold)
    3. Stockport Schools Intermediate (Tim Dines) (Gold)

    Band with Most Potential: Thurlstone Training Band (Jonathan Bates)
    Best Instrumentalist: Principal Cornet (Stockport Schools Intermediate)

    Thurlstone Training Band (Jonathan Bates)
    Bolton Junior (Anna Hughes-Williams)
    Coleshill (Stephen Fagg)
    Lions Youth (Ian Raisbeck)
    Gwynedd Mon Junior (John Glyn Jones)
    Macclesfield Junior (Cheryl Slamon)
    Shirland Welfare Training (David Harvey)
    Tewitt Youth Intermediate (Ben Tierney)

    Thanks to 4 bar rest for the info. Congratulations to all the youngsters in the contest. I`m from Chalford so am very proud of our youth band, we have a great group of music teachers and trainers, the only way foward. The senior, academy and now Youth band have achieved great results this year. Our conductor Steve Tubb is brilliant, it`s a lot of hard work from him thats paid off. Speak up, be proud of your band, shout it out loud.
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    Intermediate Section
    RNCM Theatre

    A Saddleworth Festival Overture (Goff Richards) and Own Choice Programme. 20 minutes playing time
    Adjudicators: Katrina Marzella and Les Neish

    1st Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans) (Gold)
    2nd Wardle High School (Lee Rigg) (Gold)
    3rd St Keverne (Gareth Churcher) (Gold)

    Best Instrumentalist: Thomas Fountain, Principal Cornet (Youth Brass 2000)

    Macclesfield Youth (Louise Renshaw)

    Dalmellington Junior Band (Ian Taylor)
    Stockport Schools Senior Brass Band (James Holt)

    Astley Youth (Toby Hobson)
    Dobcross Youth (Jonathan Parkes)
    Hade Edge Youth (Simon Wood)
    Oldham Music Centre (Martyn Evans)
    Poynton Youth (Mike Eccles)
    Sellers International (Alex Kerwin)
    Tewitt Youth (David Smith)

    Aberystwyth Youth (Alan Phillips)
    Abraham Darby Academy Brass Band (Glyn Wilkes)
    Enderby Youth (Trevor Hounsome)
    Milton Keynes Youth (David Rose)

    withdrawn, Horbury Victoria Youth (Tom Greaterox)

    Thanks to 4 bars rest again for the information
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    Beginner’s Band Section
    RNCM Concert Hall
    Commence: 8.45am

    Own Choice Programme. 15 minutes playing time.

    Adjudicators: Dr Nicholas Childs and Richard Evans

    Band of the Day: Smithy Bridge Primary (Lee Rigg)

    Lions Youth (Christopher Thompson)
    Astley Youth Training Band (Susan Strizaker)
    Sellers International (Jamie Smith)
    Bradford Junior Brass Band (Morgan Griffiths)
    Coleshill (Sally Fagg)
    Bolton Beginners (Toby Hobson)
    Macclesfield Youth Training Band (Liz Hudson)

    4Bars rest supplies the info
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    Many congratulations! Chalford were the only band I was able to watch in the Junior section and they were fantastic! great to see everyone playing with a smile on their faces! The Tuba soloist was great, and also a mention for the little lad on sop, what a sound!! Well done MD and band!
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    Congratulations Chalford on your success at the Youth Championships, your years of investment teaching all these youngsters is a credit to your organisation and it's leadership. Lets hope you retain this young talent and the predator bands don't come sniffing around. Well done Steve!
  6. Was playing with St Keverne Youth this weekend, fantastic result for a band coming back from a long time out! Congratulations Chalford for your result, south west continue to do well! :)
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    Hey, well done Matt on your result, we seem to follow each other around, though I didn`t go yesterday, young ones only, though i`m a product of our junior band, 38 years ago....The teachers are ex Chalford Youth, Even Steve the conductor played in the Youth band, Though originally from Redbridge. Good to see St Keverne Youth going strong. See you at Weston, i`m the fat bass player, hang on, there are 4 of us!.
  8. Thank you very much! We certainly do, seem to always be on the same threads! Thats always nice to hear, commitment to one band is rare these days! You certainly shall, will try to listen to you guys if I can :)
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    Watched the top section start to finish - what a delight. Carnoustie were well-deserved winners who would put many adult bands to shame with the standard of their playing and deprtment. And the bass trombone soloist - what can I say? He was out of this world!! :clap:
    There was a host of young talent on display thoughout the sections yesterday - THEY are our future. Refreshing to see the bands who came 2nd and 3rd cheering for all their lives were worth - not like some 'grown-up' bands who don't see such placings as a success
    and only celebrate a win...
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    Agreed, Carnoustie & Youth Brass 2000 well in front and sounding as well as looking like senior bands. This doesn't detract from the other bands, but rather reflects the significant amount of older more experienced players in these bands. I'm afraid it's perhaps true that (to paraphrase Alan Hansen) "You can't win anything with kids". Still, youth banding tends to be cyclical and just as sure as the other bands will get older and wiser, these two will probably have a few fresher faces next year. Congrats to ALL who took part - it bodes well for the future.
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    Ha Ha Ha Mr Hobgoblin. I hope you're not insinuating that some "youth" bands are not, or haven't been for a number of years THAT youthful and prehaps players were/have been (ever so slightly) a year or ten over the fairly strict and clear age limits set by the organisers? Im certain this would never happen!!! lol!!
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    I think we ought to reflect that our organisations individually are very strong, there are huge numbers of training bands and teachers. We are not a dying hobby, we have evolved from the old cliche of brass bands. It`s time to look ahead to goals and new achievements, instead of moaning about what was wrong and things are not as good as they were. Thanks to all the people who have made youth in their bands a priority, which all bands should, our base is getting stronger every year. Go shout it loud, I play a brass instrument and i`m proud!.
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    For the record, I am unaware of any such rule breaking going on at this competition. I hope you're not insinuating that it was? I agree with you BassBlaster, I love that the youth brass band world has had so much exposure over the past weekend. This should not be tarnished by accusations of rule breaking!
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    Cheers Mr Bates, Its always nice to see a player of your calibre taking notice, well done for your performance at Young Musician of the year, not bad for a Horn player :).
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    Championship Section
    RNCM Concert Hall
    Commence: 5.30pm approx

    Oceans (Goff Richards) and own choice selection within 20 minutes playing time
    Adjudicators: Steven Mead & Dr Roger Webster

    1. Carnoustie & District Youth (Michael Robertson) (Gold)
    2. Lions Youth (Nigel Birch) (Gold)
    3. Northamptonshire Youth (Brad Turnbull) (Gold)

    Elland Silver Youth (Samantha Harrison)
    Rochdale Borough Youth (Eric Landon)

    Bolton Youth (Helen Minshall)
    Gloucestershire Youth (Steve Legge)
    St Helens Youth (Anna Hughes-Williams)

    Best Instrulmentalist: Josiah Walters (bass trombone): Carnoustie & District Youth
    Brian Hicks Memorial Trophy: Eric Landon (Rochdale Borough Youth)

    Thanks to 4 bars rest again!. A great service for Brass Bands. I forgot to post the Championship Section, well done to all, GYBB, well done for the Bronze.
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    Oh, OK. Sorry about that. Nice first post BTW.
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    I would have thought that any young players attending this concert that weren't exposed to conspiracy theories, sour grapes and accusations of rule-bending and cheating will not have an adequate preparation for senior contesting. It's also good to see players from other bands helping out certain youth bands too.