2011 City of Sheffield Band Club - Concert Dates and Bands

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  1. brassintheed

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    The popular City of Sheffield Band Club is due to begin again on 6th Feb 2011. It's held at Niagara Sports and Social Club, Niagara Road, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield, S6 1LU. (tel 0114 296 4945) - http://www.sypsportsandsocialclub.co.uk/

    Please remember to spread the word, this is a very popular band club and it's FREE to attend (well we would like you all to dig deep for the raffle though!)

    The first concert on 6th February is a very special one, it's a one off performance by the CoS 'All Star' Brass Band. This is a cracking scratch band featuring some of the star players who have been part of the City of Sheffield Band (in it's various incarnations) in the past. It's sure to be a brilliant concert with top class players showing the wealth of talent which is part of our local areas brass band history.

    The Full Season

    6th Feb - CoS 'All Stars' Brass Band

    13th Feb - Hade Edge Brass Band

    20th Feb - Scissett Youth Brass Band

    27th Feb - Yorkshire Regional Contest Night

    4th Mar - No Concert

    13th Mar - Thurlstone Brass Band

    20th Mar - Oughtibridge Brass Band

    27th Mar - Deepcar Brass Band

    3rd April - Dronfield Brass Band

    10th April - DUT Yorkshire Imperials Brass Band

    17th April - South Yorkshire Police Brass Band

    1st May - Prize Giving Concert - City of Sheffield Brass Band
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  2. brassintheed

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    PS watch this space for further details of: 27th Feb - Yorkshire Regional Contest Night
  3. timbloke

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    Great to see some new faces this year, but also interesting to see the bands who are not on the list - Stannington in particular, but also Rockingham, Barnsley BS, Strata, Emley and Old Silkstone to name a few. Was it a shortage of dates or lack of interest on their part, and if the latter, I wonder why? This is such a fantastic concert season (both from a playing and spectating point of view). Long may it continue. :clap:
  4. tubafran

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    Is this picking up on Tim's earlier suggestion for an evening of all the area test pieces 4th to Champ?

    Did you know that Dronfield are taking part in the Yorkshire areas this year? ;)
  5. brassintheed

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    It's a pity that so many bands missed out this year, mostly because of how popular it is, the dates get booked so quickly after the first announcement. I had conversations with many of the bands you listed, but we couldn't find a free date that suited. But I'm really hoping they'll be back in 2012. It's also grea to see new bands at the club this year, Hade Edge and Yorkshire Imps are going to be fantastic concerts I'm sure.

    The seed was definitely planted by tim's comments previously. great idea, and this is the one year we didn't have a band booked in on that date. We're really pleased to have Deepcar already booked for the 4th section on the 27th, and we've already got some possible interest for the 2nd section. Would have loved to have dronfield - especially after their spectacular and deserved win at Butlins, but there are so many friends of the band club, it's impossible to include everyone. unfortunately.
    Just hope to see you all there on the grand opening on the 6th :)
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  6. brassintheed

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    Ok, nearly there, tomorrow night (Sunday 6th Feb) is the opening night of the band club.

    A fantastic band in place, some top class soloists and a really enjoyable programme.

    It's looking to be a very popular one so come along and enjoy the music and the atmosphere. Let's start off what's looking to be a great band club season with a cracker.

    Concert starts at 8pm.
  7. brassintheed

    brassintheed Member

    Great start to the new band club last Sunday, capacity audience, and a fantastically enjoyable concert. The atmosphere was amazing.

    If you were unfortunate enough to miss it, this Sunday (13th Feb) we welcome Hade Edge who have been newly promoted to the Championship Section. I'm sure their MD Simon Wood has got a great concert planned.
  8. brassintheed

    brassintheed Member

    One of the vital roles of the band club is to encourage younger bands and players. Tonight is the turn of the Scisset Youth Band under their MD Simon Mansfield. I missed them last year due to work unfortunately so I'm looking forward to tonight's concert.
  9. YRBBC

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    Would like to come along on Sunday(27th) - what time does it start and which bands are taking part ?

  10. tubafran

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    4th Section - Deepcar
    3rd Section - ?
    2nd Section - South Yorkshire Police Band
    1st Section - City of Sheffield
    Championship - Thoresby Colliery

    It usually starts at 8pm (but dont quote me on that as the Police Band have it down at 7.30pm)
  11. bassmittens

    bassmittens Member

    8pm is right. We're first on and have been told 8pm to play.

    Ooooh it's like having a celebrity to play to when Peggy's there!

    see you all there.
  12. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Hope she brings her slippers - will give it an authentic feel for next weekend :)
  13. Number1euph

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    Slippers would be good from Peggy - make it feel real special

    Brassindeed has indicated the bands, shall await what he puts on here. Look forward to it.
  14. Bones

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    THoresby will not be there. Please dont think you will hearing a blinding version of Paganini Variations, you;ll have to wait until Bedworth......
  15. brassintheed

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    Official line up for 27th

    4th section - Deepcar
    3rd Section - Maltby (hopefully)
    2nd Section - South Yorks Police Band
    1st Section - City of Sheffield
    Championship - Hade Edge

    Adjudicator - Mike Kilroy

    First band on at 8pm.

    Should be a really interesting night and an enjoyable change for band club regulars.
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  16. brassintheed

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    Hectic couple of week..

    27th Feb saw a fantastic crowd for the regionals preview night. A real success. Many thanks to all the bands that took part, and to our last minute adjudicator Mike Rowley who did a brilliant job.

    The Yorkshire Area last week saw some great results for friends of City of Sheffield Band, including Chapeltown, Barnsley Chronical, Knottingley and Strata. We got a very satisfying 3rd place ourselves.

    Special congratulations to:
    Dronfield for their 2nd place in the 4th Section
    South Yorkshire Police for their Win in the 2nd Section
    Yorkshire Imps for 2nd Place in the 1st Section

    That's three really great bands and MDs from our 2011 band club season off to the National Finals. And you've still got their band club concerts to look forward to...

    Tonight sees the return of Thurlstone Brass Band, who have shown us some great young talent over recent years. See you all there.
  17. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Thanks Ed, we are looking forward to playing at Band Club on the 3rd April (Mothers Day) working hard on the programme at the moment.
  18. YRBBC

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  19. brassintheed

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    Thanks for that Peggy, I realised my mistake last night. Typical me to be honest that one!! (Sorry Mike!!)

    Was great to see you and so many people there.

  20. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Dronfield are playing at Band Club this Sunday 3rd April 2011 and our planned programme will be

    • Raiders of the Lost Ark - Sykes​
    • Song (Prelude Song & Dance) - Golland​
    • Sweet Nightingale - Richards (Trom soloist Helen Prichard)​
    • Bailero - Trad Arr Fernie​
    • A Swinging Safari - Kaempfert Arr Siebert​
    • Myfanwy - Parry Arr Stephens (feature euph Sarah Whittington)
    • Poinciana - Arr Farr​
    • The 2nd Waltz (Jazz suite no 2) - Shostakovitch Arr Fernie​

    • I Only have eyes for you - Warren/Dubin Arr Fernie (feature bass trom Kev Parkin)
    • MacArthur Park - Webb Arr Drover​
    • Sleep - Whitacre Arr Smith​
    • Hot Toddy - Hendler/Flanagan Arr Peberdy​
    • Psalm 23 - Goodall Arr Wiggins​
    • Sway - Ruiz Arr Bennett​

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