2010 a busy year for Pemberton...

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  1. This year has been a busy year for the Pemberton Old Wigan DW Band. We have competed at 10 contests this year:
    1. Preston Brass at the Guild, February, placed 2nd
    2. North West Area, March, placed 7th
    3. Grand Shield, May, placed 3rd
    4. Whit Friday, May, placed 6th in Saddleworth
    5. All England International Masters, May, placed
    6. English National Championships, June, placed 9th
    7. Dr Martin Trust, Durham, July, placed 2nd
    8. Wychavon Festival of Brass, September, placed 3rd
    9. Pontins Brass Band Championships, October, placed 9th
    10. Scottish Open Championships, November, placed 3rd
    Despite this, we have also launched a new Facebook Fan Page, a Blog (the Pemberton Bugle) and organised our first band dinner, which we enjoyed earlier this month.

    The news section of the band's website has reviewed the year nicely and the Blog has reported on concerts and contests since its launch in September. Please visit us online, and leave a comment on the blog, or at our Facebook fan page. You can also e-mail the band if you would like to get in touch more privately.

    We would love to hear feedback from you, whether it is about the band itself, on the concert and/or contest stage, or about the blog or facebook page.

    If you didn't get a chance to hear us this year, we have a busy 2011 planned and would love to you to hear us then, be sure to come and hear us when you can!
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