2009 Swiss National Brass Band Championships

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  1. repiano83

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    The 35th Swiss National Brass Band Championships was held last weekend in Montreux.

    Championship Section:

    test piece: "Sketches from Nowhere" - Thomas Doss + own choice

    1 Valaisia Brass Band (Arsène Duc) - 190 (96/94) - Vienna Nights (Philip Wilby)
    2 Brass Band Bürgermusik Luzern (Michael Bach) - 189 (94/95) - From Ancient Times (Jan van der Roost
    3 Ensemble de Cuivre Valaisan (Jean-Francois Bobillier) - 186 (89/97) - ...Dove Descending (Philip Wilby)
    4 Brass Band Treize Etoiles (James Gourlay) - 184 (98/86) - Revelation (Philip Wilby)
    5 Brass Band Berner Oberland (Phillip McCann) - 184 (95/89) - Rococo Variations (Edward Gregson)
    6 Brass Band Fribourg A (Dr. Nicholas Childs) - 184 (92/92) - The Promised Land (Kenneth Downie)
    7 Ensemble de Cuivres Mélodia (Yvan Lagger) - 183 (93/90) - Concerto Grosso (Derek Bourgeois)
    8 Oberaargauer Brass Band (Armin Renggli) - 182 (91/91) - Vienna Nights (Philip Wilby)
    9 Musikgesellschaft Risch-Rotkreuz (Rino Chiappori) - 177 (90/87) - Titan's Progress (Hermann Pallhuber)
    10 Ensemble de Cuivres Jurassien A (Blaise Héritier) - 176 (88/88) - Cambridge Variations (Philip Sparke)

    Special price for the best soloist in the own choice section: Euphonium from Ensemble de Cuivres Valaisan

    Special price for the best set work: Brass Band Treize Etoiles

    First Section

    test piece: "Spectrum" - Gilbert Vinter

    1 Brass Band MG Rickenbach (Corsin Tuor) 94
    2 Liberty Brass Band Ostschweiz (Andreas Koller) 93
    3 Brass Band MG Reiden (Reto Näf) 91
    4 AEW Brass Band Fricktal (Roland Fröscher) 90
    5 Brass Band Sursilvana (Roman Caprez) 89
    6 Brass Band Imperial Lenzburg (Christian Siegmann) 88
    7 Brass Band Emmental (Heinz Heiniger) 87
    8 Brass Band Harmonie Neuenkirch (Christoph Bangerter) 86
    9 Regional Brass Band Bern (Daniel Bichsel) 85
    10 Brass Band Breitenbach (Enrico Calzaferri) 84
    11 Ensemble de Cuivres Euphonia (Michael Bach) 83
    12 Oberwalliser Brass Band A-Band (David Lochmatter) 82
    13 MG Brass Band Eglisau (Andreas Buri) 81
    14 Brass Band Treize Etoiles B (Géo-Pierre Moren) 80
    15 Brass Band Kirchenmusik Flühli (Hervé Grélat) 79
    16 Alp & Brass (Christophe Jeanbourquin) 78
    16 Brass Band Schötz (Armin Renggli) 78

    Special price for the best Solo Euphonium: Brass Band MG Rickenbach

    Second Section

    Test piece: "Entertainments" - Gilbert Vinter

    1 Brass Band Harmonie Rickenbach (Marco Schneider) 97
    2 Ensemble de Cuivres AMBITUS (François Roh) 96
    3 BML Talents (Patrick Ottiger) 95
    4 Brass Band Feldmusik Escholzmatt (Jon Kowszun) 94
    5 Brass Band Rapperswil-Wierezwil (Roland Fröscher) 93
    6 Liberty Brass Band Junior (Christoph Luchsinger) 92
    7 Brass Band Fribourg B (Pascal Schafer) 91
    8 Brass Band Berner Oberland Junior (Gian Stecher) 90
    9 Brass Band Posaunenchor Flaach (Christian Bachmann) 89
    9 Sté de Musique l'Avenir Lignières A (Vincent Baroni) 89
    11 Brass Band Solothurn (Hans Burkhalter) 88
    11 Oberaargauer Brass Band B (Pascal Eicher) 88
    13 Brass Band Rhodan A (Christian Pfammatter) 87
    14 Brass Band Konkordia Büsserach (Rainer Ackermann) 86
    15 Brass Band Cazis (Michael Zoppas) 85
    15 Brass Band Junior Valaisan (Julien Roh) 85

    Special price for the best Solo Euphonium: BML Talents

    Third Section

    Test piece: "Vizcaya" - Gilbert Vinter

    1 Oberwalliser Brass Band Junior (David Lochmatter) 94
    2 Jugend Brass Band Michelsamt (Corsin Tuor) 93
    3 Ensemble de Cuivres Jurassien B (Florian Lab) 92
    4 Musikverein Buckten (Roland Schaub) 91
    5 Brass Band Abinchova (Gian Walker) 90
    6 Musikgesellschaft Jenaz (Patrick Rothenberger) 89
    7 Juband Thierstein Laufental (Martin Schaad) 88
    8 Brass Band Imperial Lenzburg B (Christoph Bolliger) 87
    9 Ensemble de Cuivres Mélodia Junior (Yvan Lagger) 86
    10 Musikgesellschaft Schongau (Erwin Schnider) 85
    10 Brass Band Gürbetal (Urs Stähli) 85
    12 Musikgesellschaft Flühli (Rafael Camartin) 84

    Special price for the best Principal Cornet: Jugend Brass Band Michelsamt

    Fourth Section

    Test piece: "Anniversary Music" - Bertrand Moren

    1 Entlebucher Jugend Brass Band (Albert Benz) 94
    2 Sté de Musique l'Avenir Lignières B (Vincent Baroni) 91
    3 Brass Band Zürich (Werner Kubli) 90
    4 Brass Band Rhodan B (Christian Pfammatter) 89
    5 Hinterländer Jugend Brass Band (Christoph Bangerter) 88
    6 Vereinigte Brass Band MGN + BBSM (Ruedi von Arx) 87

    Special price for the best Trombone Section: Entlebucher Jugend Brass Band
  2. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    Where the set piece and own choice on separate evenings?
    Looking at Tres Etoiles scores, there is a big difference between the two scores...any explanation?
  3. repiano83

    repiano83 New Member

    The set piece was played in the morning and the own choice in the afternoon with a different jury. Treize etoile played excellent in the morning but the Revelation was really bad. The start was just a disaster (intonation, precission and dynamics) and they didnt't recover from that until the euphonium solo. The ending was great but this was not enough.
  4. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    I have a question about Swiss banding (it also applies to the Dutch).

    There seems to be very little promotion and relegation (I don't think a single band played in a different section as last year), how is it decided which section a band should compete in?
  5. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    I believe that in The Netherlands, the relagations and promotions are not based on the results at the National Championships, but on the results that the bands achieve at the local contests organised by the three band associations (KNFM , FKM and NFCM). They are not based on the placings at these contests (like in the UK) but on the percentages. A band that gets more than 85% has the right to promote (but is not obliged to do so). A band that gets less than 70% is relegated (but this almost never happens). Every band has to take part in these local grading contests at least once every 5 years. If they don't participate, they are relegated at least one section (the band can choose to relegate further). The same rules apply to wind bands and fanfare bands as well.
    The exception to this rule is the championship section. To promote from the 1st section to the championship section (also called "concert section" in Dutch), a band needs to achieve 90% at least three times in a row in the 1st section. To achieve these three times, any contest counts: the loacl grading contests, the national championship or also the WMC in Kerkrade. Relegation from the "concert section"is also different: instead of 75%; you need to achieve 85% (or 90?) to stay in the section.
    Take for instance Altena Brass. They have championship status, but they don't participate in the nationals every year. As long as their scores are high enough, and they participate in the local grading contests once every 5 years, they will not relegate to 1st section.
  6. repiano83

    repiano83 New Member

    There is no promotion and relegation in Switzerland. It's up to the bands in which section they start. The system works well and there is no big discussion about. The level in the lower sectons is very even.
    We also have local contests like the Netherlands but they are not connected with the SBBV. In these contests the bands sometimes have to start in different sections depending on their own choice piece.

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