2009 Norwegian National Championships

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    Seems there will be a live feed from Bergen in 2009 as well: http://www.musikkorps.no/portal/page?_pageid=35,39467&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&element_id=34959108

    Highlights include:
    Transmissions start friday february 6. 4.30 pm and will last until the end of the gala concert on saturday.
    Live-feed from the main hall only (as in 2008) with the addition on some commentaries and interviews between bands.

    Last years transmissions were deemed a success with at most some 8000 viewers present at the same time, and 42.000 pagereferals on saturday alone.
    The live-feed is made available by NRK, the norwegian national broadcasting company.
  2. trm

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    The Norwegian Championship are coming up this weekend.

    The test piece in the championship section is "Rococco variations" by Edward Gregson

    Among the own-choice pieces:
    A Night To Sing - Bramwell Tovey
    Paganini Variations - Philip Wilby
    Concertino - Kenneth Downie
    Troglodyte Transitions - Craig Farr
    Tristan Encounters - Martin Ellerby
    Journey To The Centre Of The Earth - Peter Graham
    Extreme Make-over - Johan de Meij
    Riffs and Interludes - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
    Revelation - Philip Wilby

    Or so I'm led to believe...
  3. PCvD

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    Great news !!
    last year there were problems with apple/safari. Somebody on this site then mentioned the streaming source website itself (www....-?-) So that problem was solved; how about this year !?
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  5. trm

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    Full preview coverage on 4barsrest (http://www.4barsrest.com/results/norway.asp), albeit with a bad link to the live feed. The heading for the set-work is wrong also.

    The bands are set to play Rococco-variations as previously noted, not Odin which was last years set-work.

    Cheers to the 4barsrest-team for their coverage of the Championships, looking forward to the post-contest analysis as usual :clap:
  6. Kerwintootle

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    Just watched Eikanger via the live feed. Wow! Fantastic performance and what a reaction from the audience.

  7. One wonders why?!??!;)

    Coverage is good and clear. Have no idea what they are talking about in bewteen bands though!!!!
  8. PCvD

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    Stavanger was awesome; with help from a soprano, principal cornet & flugel from the UK !!
    and of course a superbe conductor from Yorkshire...
  9. Pieter1

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    There where some errors in the performance of Stavanger but after all there was style and brilliantly playing in the band.
    I think that Eikanger had deliverd afine and nice performance with a great finish.
  10. Bungle

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    The streaming of the Gala concert was good last year, anyone know who is playing this year? Also good luck to John Hudson with Ørskog Brass.
  11. StefkeUK

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    Principal cornet from UK !!!! She look more norwegian to me than english. The soprano lives there now so all credit to him to play with good bands.

    Just left with the flugel who is certainly having a good week in norway like some would go to australia. Nothing wrong with that.
  12. Bungle

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  13. TredegarSteveR

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    Did anyone hear Manger just play Troglodyte Transition by Craig Farr? Funny old piece it was ... not quite sure what the point of it was to be honest.
  14. brassneck

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    :frown: ... I just can't get a connection to the live stream!
  15. axelo

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    Eikanger version of 'Extreme Makeover' has been fantastic so far. Some clips in the solo lines at times, but overall, wow!
  16. DublinBass

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    Agreed, a fine performance...and they really kept most of the tempos up. However, I'd bet their own choice doesn't even come in the top half. Adjudicators don't seem to like that piece for own choice.
  17. axelo

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    Now that would be too bad :(

    Anyone knows why the video streaming ended? I want more!
  18. Jacob Larsen

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    They change stream every 2 hours.. Its on again...
  19. Bungle

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    Gala concert had just started
  20. Pieter1

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    Points: Set work/Own choice = average

    1. Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag, Dr Nicholas Childs, 3/4, 97/96=96.5
    2. Oslo Brass Band, Frode Amundsen, 8/10, 94/94=94
    3. Molde Brass Band, Garry Cutt, 10/8, 95/90=92.5
    4. Stavanger Brass Band, Allan Withington, 9/6, 92/91=91.5
    5. Ila Brass Band, Thomas Rimul, 2/7, 88/95=91.5
    6. Krohnengen Brass Band, Ray Farr, 4/5, 93/89=91
    7. Manger Musikklag, Peter Szilvay, 1/2, 90/92=91
    8. Oslofjord Brass, Armin Renggli, 5/1, 91/88=89.5
    9. Jaren Hornmusikkforening, Helge Haukås, 7/9, 89/87=88
    10. Sandefjord Brass Symposium, Michael Antrobus, 6/3, 87/86=86.5

    Soloist: Principal Cornet, Ila Brass
    Best Section: Trombones, Eikanger

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