2009 English Nationals

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    Having read the rather sad news that Rothwell are pulling out from this years' English Nationals (and understandably so!), what are the rules with regards to another band taking their place this year?

    Is it the same as Brass In Concert or indeed the Spring Festival Senior Trophy contest where the next band in line gets the call up, or will the line up reduce by one for this year only?
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    I can confirm that Aveley & Newham have taken their place.
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    Never been to this contest. I heard mention of a gala concert at some point - is this true ?
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    From 4BR:

    "Grimethorpe out of English Nationals

    Grimethorpe pull out of English National Championships.

    4BR can exclusively reveal that Grimethorpe Colliery Band has taken the decision to withdraw from this year's English National Championship in Preston - less than a month before the contest is due to take place.

    Unanimous decision

    In a press statement, the band state: "Grimethorpe Colliery Band have held a general meeting of the band on Thursday 28th May, where a unanimous decision was taken to withdraw from the 2009 English National Brass Band Championships."

    '...a unanimous decision was taken to withdraw from the 2009 English National Brass Band Championships'

    ~ Grimethorpe Colliery Band
    No other reason

    4BR understands that the contest organisers have been informed of the decision, although no official announcement has yet been released.

    No futher information was given by Band Manager Terry Webster when contacted by 4BR to reasons other than those given.

    Second band to withdraw

    Grimethorpe are the second top ranked band to withdraw from the English National contest in the past two weeks, follwing Rothwell's decision not to compete this year. 4BR understands that at least one other band is considering its position at the contest too."
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    english nationals

    Is anyone really surprisedby this news
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    English Nationals

    Democracy, a great thing


    Well, I must admit, I'm surprised...a bit anyway. I can probably guess the reasons why though. Any chance on Grimethorpe giving out a more detailed official reason, before the conspiracy theorists get the teeth into it?
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    4BR has quoted the Bands reasons, a democratic vote was taken by all members present at last nights rehearsal....
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    I'm not surprised by this news at all. Such a shame.
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    Amen brother.
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    Is it something to do with the choice of music ? Can't think of too many people who would be happy to sit in a major contest like this and have to make whale sounds........it's almost taking the wotsit and the composer seeing just what they can get away with by the people who commission the piece.
    Or is it something completely different.????
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    Think Rothwells reasons are valid. Tryin to do the Grand Shield, Masters and Nationals in 2 months is a lot to ask any band no matter how good. I have a lot of respect for Rothwell committee for being so honest and open about why they are pulling out too.

    Grimey will have their own reasons but as dont want to state them openly (the real reason that is) Personally I do hope its for a genuine reason.
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    yes, but they wont have voted on a whim will they :)
    thats how the decision was reached not why a decision was made in the first place.


    Anyone any ideas as to who else is considering their position?

    Also, with it being so close to the contest now, are they going to open this up to other bands such as GUS?
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    We at GUS were originally offered Rothwells place but unfortunately had to turn it down. Whilst there were good reasons to do it, there were many reasons as to why not and on balance we didnt feel that it warranted cancelling a CD recording on the same weekend as the contest. We did run through the piece however and Im sure the listeners will enjoy it. Good luck to Aveley who were subsequently took up the offer.

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    bumper-euph, my guess is it's nothing to do with the music choice!
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    Have to say I was looking forward to their performance amongst others - shame!
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    Its a shame when band's such as Grimethorpe have to pull out of such contests.
    Seeing advert on 4BR for players wanted is also a shame as i think many brass band followers thought they had got things sorted.
    Hope it gets sorted for them.