2006 North American BB Championships

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  1. DublinBass

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    Anybody heading to Indiana for the Championships (Mar 31/ Apr 1) this year?
    I just looked at flights and its still only about 300 GBP to Cincinnati (about 1 hr+ drive from Louisville)

    I think this could be one of the most competitive years yet. The Championship Section bands are really getting to a good enough standard now that it is quite enjoyable to hear the own choice selections.

    Pity no Canadian Bands again.
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  2. GingerMaestro

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    Hi there

    I'm not comming over but I saw you and Sean at the Areas in Torquay playing for my old band Lydney and I just wanted to say well done the bass section sounded great and I thought considering everything the band has been through in the last 18 months they put on a really good show:clap: :clap:
  3. Steve Marcus

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    On Saturday, 1 April, Chicago Brass Band will be one of seven bands competing in the Championship (top) Section, whose Test Piece is Of Men & Mountains by Edward Gregson.

    Sorry, we're not supposed to reveal our Choice Piece nor the order of bands because of the blind adjudication.

    On Friday, 31 March, the Solo and Small Ensemble Competitions will be held. I am accompanying on piano two of the soloists. I'm also playing tuba in the Chicago Brass Band Players 10-piece ensemble, in a performance of Richard Bissill's arrangement of Duke Ellington's Caravan.

    Pat, I hope that BBC finishes near the top! (Sorry, I'm hoping for another band for #1, obviously.)

    Good luck,

  4. DublinBass

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    Thanks for the props GingerMaestro!!

    Steve, I hope we finish near the top tool!! Best of luck to you lot as well Steve. I'm definitely going to try to catch your ensemble on Friday!

    The BBC has their first ensemble ever competing this year, playing the Chase Quartet.