2006 Centenary Year for BBSBB - Looking for past players

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  1. tubafran

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    Barnsley Building Society Brass Band are 100 years old in 2006 and looking for former players to help them celebrate.

    2006 is the Centenary Year for the Barnsley Building Society Brass Band.

    The band was originally the Birdwell Band founded in 1906, later becoming the Barrow Colliery Band until the current sponsorship started in 1989. The band is based at Worsbrough Bridge, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    Records of the first 50 or 60 years of band history are sketchy to say the least so any information on that period would be gratefully received by the present membership to help them in their celebrations.

    In addition the band is looking to contact as many former players as possible as plans are drawn up for a reunion concert and other celebrations throughout the year.

    Any information is encouraged:
    e-mail: barnsleybsband@yahoo.com
    website: www.bbsbb.co.uk
    telephone: Graham Mallory 0113 2872939
  2. geordiecolin

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    Happy Centenary BBSBB!

    Count me in for any centenary shenanigans, keep me informed Francis!

    From www.bbsbb.co.uk:

    Centenary Concert - 30th April, Academy Theatre, Birdwell

    Reunion Concert (Massed Band of players past/present)- Emanuel Church, Barnsley, Date TBC

    Centenary Dinner and Dance - Ardsley House Hotel, November


    Centenary CD!
  3. tubafran

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    First Event

    Barnsley Building Society Band will celebrate their 100th anniversary with the help of Steve Sykes at a concert on Sunday 30th April 2006 at the Academy Theatre, Birdwell, Barnsley

    Barnsley Building Society Band will launch their Centenary celebrations with a concert at The Academy Theatre, Birdwell featuring Eb tuba virtuoso Steve Sykes.

    Steve, a former Musical Director of the band, will perform items from his broad repertoire that have established him as a true favourite with audiences around the world. Steve's time with the band was highly successful so he is just the man to get the celebrations rolling. Tickets for the concert can be obtained by contacting any BBSBB player or by ringing the Academy Theatre 01226 744442.

    Meanwhile the search for former players continues with almost 300 names on the books. A massed band reunion concert will be held in The Emmanuel Church, Barnsley at 1pm on July 1. Any interested players are asked to contact the band via the website.

    It's a busy time for the band as well as preparations are also under way for a CD recording.
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  4. laurz_oconnor

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    i went wahoo!
  5. tubafran

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    What a fantastic concert this was to play at - in addition to the current band, numerous past players and conductors turned up for the rehearsal and concert. Conducting of the "massed" band was shared between current conductor John Hopkinson and past conductors - Ian Craddock, Bill Wrey(?) and John Roberts.

    Players from the following bands were on the stage (hope I haven't missed anyone)

    Black Dyke
    Carlton Main Fickley
    Old Silkstone
    South Yorkshire Police
    Wakefield Met
    Yorkshire Imps

    and two past players that haven't played for 18 and 23 years respectively sat in too.

    Overall an excellent day - the venue even had a large screen TV for the footie - but the final result didn't put a downer on the days celebrations.
  6. geordiecolin

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    Unfortunately, due to family commitments I couldn't make the concert. Was gutted!! Sounds like a good day.

    Oh well will defo go to the dinner dance thing later in the year.

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