2005 - Banding Highlight of the Year for You and your Band

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Roger Thorne, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. Roger Thorne

    Roger Thorne Active Member

    Wem, Shropshire UK
    As 2005 draws to a close, what do you consider to be your Banding Highlight of the Year? It may be a Contest Win or Concert Performance, a special award, or a personal ambition. It may have even been a comment or thread on tMP?

    Although my own band has had another successful year, with many special moments, the highlight for me was hosting The Grimethorpe Colliery Band in Wem back in February. In over 35 years of banding, this was probably the best concert I've ever had the pleasure to attend.

    Post away folks . . . .

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  2. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    Ryhill, Wakefield
    I've got 2 banding highlights for 2005.

    The first was playing for SWT Woodfalls at a shopping centre in Southampton for a Tsunami appeal at the beginning of the year. The atmosphere was amazing and we raised something like £1600 in about 3 hours.

    The second highlight was winning the 1st Section at Pontins with Marsden in my first contest with them!
  3. Chris Hicks

    Chris Hicks Member

    1.Got too be winning the areas. It was my first ever contest and we won by 3 clear points! :icon_mrgreen:
    2.Coming third at the 3rd section nationals another cracking experience.
    3. Winning wychavon the week later on 1 rehersal !! :clap:
  4. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    Southport, Lancashire
    Two playing highlights, winning 3rd section at Fleetwood is one, but that's topped by qualifying for the finals earlier on in the year - it was a fantastic day for the band ( and the finals weekend was pretty good too!)

    Listening highlight - Canadian Brass/YBS at the Bridgewater Hall - both out of this world. YBS's "I'll Walk With God" was simply the most outstanding playing I've heard in a long time.
  5. sparkling_quavers

    sparkling_quavers Active Member

    For me it was being part of Flixton's most successful year contesting wise - Pontins Champions, Buxton Champions, Fleetwood Champions and also 2nd Place at Preston. But just as important it has been a great year for the band in terms of stability - we have great attendance, a committed MD and have been able to make a fab start on rebuilding local links with 3 big local concerts which went really well :icon_biggrin: Not to forget we also recorded our CD :icon_cool:
  6. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Tricky one this, 3rd place at the area off No.1 draw was pleasing.

    First place at Leicester was good

    But without doubt it has to be our week long tour to Germany. First time the band has ever been abroard 3 fantastic concerts, 1 impromptu performance and great socialising with some of the best people its my privilege to know.
  7. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly Active Member

    Bolton, Lancs, England
    I second all of the above (except that we won the Wilkinsons contest at St Helens, not the Fleetwood contest), plus the fun of Whit Friday (where, incidently, we came 3rd at Friezeland).

    Here's looking forward to 2006!
  8. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    West Midlands
    Concert in Burton Town Hall we did and put it on our selves to at least 85% FULL TOWN HALL:woo :woo :woo :woo :woo :guiness
  9. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    highlights for me... changing bands to freckleton, where i took part in recordin their CD entitled faith, folk and all that jazz (its proper good too!) :icon_cheesygrin:

    also.. a definate highlight has to be playing in the scottish open, and conquering the timp part in Of Men and Mountains is a definate personal achievement for me.

    roll on 2006! :icon_cheesygrin:
  10. masefield

    masefield Member

    My banding highlights - bearing in mind that I don't play but support my two son's banding exploits with Abraham Darby this year are as follows (apologies as there have been many):

    1. Hosting our third joint concert with Sellers International in January - fourth in February 2006.
    2. Achieving very close 2nd Place behind Smithills in the National Youth Brass Band Championships.
    3. 6th consecutive Showband Gold Award at NCBF National Festival 4th consecutive Jazz Band at same Festival.
    4. Showband's Gold Award at London International Wind Band Festival, Basingstoke
    5. Showband's First Prize at World Youth Music Festival, Zurich
    6. Showband's retained Gold Medal at the World Music Contest, Kerkrade
    7. Absolute highlight was the Showband's 4th Consecutive Outstanding Performance at Music for Youth National Festival in Symphony Hall Birmingham.

    4, 5, 6 and 7 were all achieved in the month of July.

    8. Finally Showband's third appearance at Schools Prom at RAH.

    Apologies that there is more than one in the list - but I have enjoyed them all and everyone provided very good memories. Looking forward to next year 2006.

    Best wishes to everyone for Christmas and the New Year
  11. The Cornet King

    The Cornet King Active Member

    For me the highlights, in no particular order were:

    1) Playing top man again for the tMP Whit Friday band, and getting on the Delph CD. Another great event.
    2) Playing at the JJB stadium in front of 25,000 Rugby League fans for the tri-nations.
    3) Winning the Malton Contest with the mighty Emley and joining! There really IS nothing like winning! 2006 could potentially be a great year for the band and i can't wait to get started again.
  12. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Isle of Arran and lovin' it!
    Two highlights for me, each equally important.

    My first concert as conductor of Arran Brass on November 26th this year. It really was a team effort, for a band for whom most players have only ever been conducted and trained by one other person. Each member of the band worked their socks off, not just in rehearsals but with private practice too. It wasn't note perfect (few 4th section band concerts are) but I really felt it couldn't have gone any better and it made me realise what a fabulous bunch the players are to work with.

    Secondly, two weeks ago today saw the debut indoor performance of the brass quintet I founded from members of Arran Brass - The Arran Brass Monkeys Quintet (named after our first outdoor performance last Christmas when we were persuaded to play on a very frosty night!). We played for the re-opening of Kilmory Public Hall and Lodge, and the ceremony was performed by the First Minister, Jack McConnell. We only played for about 10 minutes in total but again, I couldn't have wished for a better start to the quintet's performing 'career' (save the top C I splatted in the fanfare I'd written for the occasion! :oops: - and it's all on video!)
  13. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    Fulham's performance at the areas.
    Fulham's promotion to the third section.
    Fulham going to and its performance at the nationals.

    My development as a composer.
    Concincing Roger to publish a piece of my music.
    Actually selling some copies of said piece of music.......

  14. drummerboy

    drummerboy Member

    A few for me...
    Gaining fourth place at the Nationals after drawing number 1.
    Personally I was very pleased with my performance of the Pontins testpiece even though we came 7th.
    As a composer, finishing my transcription of the complete Saint Saens Organ Symphony for band and organ was very pleasing. And generally some of the original pieces I've written this year I've been very pleased with also.
  15. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    West Midlands
    For me it must be winning the area and playing at my first finals. Recording a cd.
  16. matti_raz

    matti_raz Member

    Absolutely the best moment of the year if not ever on stage in Kerkrade playin Hinemoa!!! Amazing!
  17. Shaggy

    Shaggy New Member

    A splended performance at Chatsworth Park easily outshining all the other bands on display that summer evening as a result of which, a valuable sponsorship was secured from the concert hosts TWIGGS of Matlock.

    Secondly,the band FINALLY being able to get through "Cute" by Neil Hefty without collapsing in dissarray after each two bar drum break. Apparently its my fault because I keep "doing it different" yep, its scary when things change in the Brass band world!! I know most of my band would rather drink a pint of their own sick than take advice from a drummer but,its pretty simple really, dont ,listen to me (you dont normally bother so why start now?) just count and come in where it says on the music.

    Dear oh dear.....dont know why I bother sometimes.
  18. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Isle of Arran and lovin' it!

    Glad to hear it, Shaggy. Glad you're back with us, too! I played 'Cute' with Friary Guildford a couple of years back on sop and completely wrecked two high register notes that are probably still ringing around the whole of Surrey even now!

    Merry Christmas to you and a Happy and percussive 2006! :)
  19. BbBill

    BbBill Supporting Member

    In the back o' beyond
    A few moments but in no order:

    1) My trips away with YABB to Luxembourg and USA/Canda, the 2 trips were just fantastic!
    2) My 1st Whit Friday, a 700 miles round trip, meeting up with total strangers for a great day out (and nite), just to play music!
    3) Guesting with Newmilns and Galston band and Kirkintilloch Kelvin band at contests earlier in the year.
    4) Hearing Grimethorpe and Brighouse for the 1st time at Brass in Concert.
    5) How Tam O'Shanter was sounding after all the hard work we put in, (despite the rubbish result, with one adjudicator putting us 1st and the other putting us last......)
    6) Setting up our website for Campbeltown Brass, with over 2500 visiters already and being voted "October's Website of the Month" by you kind folks here on tMP!!!
    7) The 4 training weekends we held during the year, they benefited everybody in the band so much.
  20. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    It's been a bit of a mixed year banding wise if I'm honest. As a performance I thought Butlin's was the clear highlight - I've never been so sure we'd won a contest before the results were announced. As it turns out I've never been so wrong either! :icon_confused:

    Obviously qualifying for the Nationals was great too - I can finally tick that one off the list, and the weekend we had in Harrogate certainly makes me even more determined to go back. Which would be my third highlight I guess - the Harrogate weekend. OK we didn't play great and didn't do too well either, but we all had a fab. time.:icon_biggrin:

    Away from my own band, the tMP band's concert at Hadleigh (seems like aaages ago now) was a great day. And having a piece named after me, or my alter-ego, was very flattering too - cheers Will!!
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