2004 Scottish Open & Scottish Youth Championships

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    Press Release from Scottish Brass Band Association - 10 March 2004

    Scottish Open Brass Band Championships and Gala Concert

    Scottish Youth Brass Band Championships

    Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

    Sunday 28th November 2004

    Following the success of last year's inaugural event, the Scottish Brass Band Association will again host the Scottish Open Championships in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, one of the most prestigious venues in the UK and the venue for this year's European Brass Band Championships. 16 bands will compete in the contest with the top 6 at this year's Scottish Championships receiving automatic invitations and the remaining places chosen from all applications for invitation received by the closing date of 12 April 2004.

    The total prize fund for the event has yet to be finalised, but the top prize will remain the same as last year, with £3,000 going to the winning band.

    SBBA have already had notice of interest from a number of bands from England and Wales, as well as from bands from New Zealand and USA making plans for future years. We would like to stress that there is no geographical restriction on any band entering the contest and that we would be delighted to hear from any bands from the continent of Europe or beyond that are interested in competing.

    The Scottish Youth Brass Band Championships will take place simultaneously in and around the Royal Concert Hall. Once again it will feature three

    Development - for junior or training bands, with an upper age limit of 16 years and playing for a maximum of 15 minutes.

    Community - for bands from individual schools or entered by member bands of SBBA, with an upper age limit of 18 years and playing for a maximum of 20 minutes.

    Premier - for county / area bands and community bands of a more advanced standard, with an upper age limit of 21 years and playing for a maximum of 25 minutes.

    With the entire event within the Royal Concert Hall, inclusive ticketing will allow entry to all parts of the event for a flat rate, thus eliminating one of the problems experienced in last year's inaugural event.

    Further information on both events can be obtained from: -

    Alan McLaren LL.B. N.P.
    Mansfield Villa,
    23 Polton Road,
    EH20 9BU

    Tel: 0131 440 3830
    Fax: 0131 447 9535


    Kenneth Crookston.
    22 Sommers Park,
    Mid Calder,
    West Lothian.
    EH53 0RZ

    Tel: 01506 881596

    Bands wishing to be considered for an invitation to the Scottish Open should submit a written request to either of the above not later than 12 April 2004.

    Further details on the Gala Concert will be released in the near future.

    Kenneth Crookston - SBBA Press Officer
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    It was a great day last year. The Youth contest was well attended and although I didn't get to hear any performances from the Open, I heard it was a good contest too. I really enjoyed playing in the Concert Hall at night and will definetly be taking a seat for the Ms Marzella Show!! Well done to all the guys at SBBA fror running such a good event.
    Richard Kidd
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    When will the testpiece be announced and how is it decided?

    Enjoyed the contest last year, great venue, brilliantly organised.

    Deave - Sellers
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    There should be a brown nose on that avatar of you mate! Will be another good contest as long as someone reminds the crowd to turn up this year. Everyone knows though, that as soon as Sellers came off stage the crowd surrounded the back entrance just to get a glimps of a true third man. Not a top man pretending to be a third man, a real THIRD man, who looks, sounds (remotely) and smells like a third man. God bless you Deave.
  6. deave

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    I heard the crowd gathered to see a hepworth sop player who looked like a trombone player and sounded like an air siren playing born free!

    V£nu$ Sop Trap
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    As long as that wasn't the other way round! :p
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    Must say tho the contest last year was tremendous. It's such a magnificent venue and is reely wot top section banding is about. top quaity contest at a top quality venue an top prizes. Also a very good idea to have the youth champs at the same time an same place cos it gives the young 'uns the chance to listen to top bands. i just hope that more reely high class bands from down south want to come to this contest in future(no offence to any of the excellent bands there in 2003) but it would be nice to have the likes of Dyke, Fodens, Grimethorpe, YBS etc which would in turn encourage even more youngsters in2 the scene.

    Gotta say well donne to SBBA 4 trying to get ppl to buy tickets in advance 4 the european an stuff an hopefully avoid the fiasco that happened last year with smal audiences.

    im finished now. sorry if i made any1 fall asleep.

    Prinipal Cornet
    MacTaggart Scott Loanhead Band
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    Hello Mark.

    How are the English language classes working out for you? :lol: :wink: Only kidding pal.

    Good luck at the Scottish.