2004 Open Results

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  1. sparkling_quavers

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    Results as they happen- British Open 2004

    The tMP team are at the Symphony Hall (Birmingham) this weekend and we bring you the results live as they happen.

    1. Fodens Richardson
    2. BAYV
    3. Scottish Co-op
    4. Kirkintilloch
    5. Sellers International
    6. Black Dyke

    Best Instrumentalist: Solo Cornet - Sellers
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  2. mikelyons

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    Well Done sparkly. You have beaten 4br to the results !!!!!!


    Well done to all.:terrier :woo :metal: :bounce :woo
  3. TrompeteR

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    Hmmm quite funny placing this year!
  4. brassneck

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    Full Results and test pieces- thanks Brassneck, SQ

    1. Fodens Richardson (Contest Music)
    2. Buy As You View (St. Magnus)
    3. Scottish Coop (St. Magnus)
    4. Kirkintilloch (Montage)
    5. Sellers International (Montage)
    6. Black Dyke (Montage)
    7. Desford Colliery (Contest Music)
    8. Ever Ready (Reg Vardy) (St. Magnus
    9. Grimethorpe (Contest Music)
    10. Dalewool Auckland Brass (Montage)
    11. Brighouse & Rastrick (Contest Music)
    12. Fairey FP Music (Contest Music)
    13. Whitburn (Contest Music)
    14. Yorkshire Building Society (Contest Music)
    15. Rothwell Temperence (Contest Music)
    16. Cwmaman Institute (Montage)
    17. Yorkshire Imps Urquhart Travel (Contest Music)
    18. Carlton Main (Contest Music)
    19. Tredegar (St. Magnus)

    Best instrumentalist: Solo Cornet, Sellers International
    No points awarded.

    ...thanx to BassoProfundo for noticing that Briggus were somehow missing from my copy. And... ooo-errrr, never noticed the tmp team's original post. Apologies!
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  5. Moy

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    Well done Fodens and well done to our 2 Scottish bands in the top 4.

    Look out for the Scots are on the March;)

    Well waiting to hear if this was another funny result......not too many comments as yet.
  6. Yorkie

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    4barsrest comments vs result

    Seems to be something of a difference in opinion between the 4barsrest commentators and the adjudicators...although in fairness 4barsrest didn't make predictions on the results from their comments.

    I very much look forward to hearing the views of people who heard most of the performances as this will be very interesting reading.

    Congratulations to Fodens and all the prize winners.
  7. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    ..... wondering if players and audience thought the 3 tests were equally judged on the day? I couldn't have predicted these results. Well done to the prizewinners though!
  8. backrowbloke

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    Would love to , but we spent the whole day at the ICC without hearing a single band or buying a ticket - was far too much socialising to do without getting interupted by band! :p
  9. yorkie19

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    I heard the first 12 bands and had them in the following order:

    1 - YBS
    2 - Dyke
    3 - Grimethorpe
    4 - Buy As You View
    5 - Fodens
    6 - Dalewool
    7 - Whitburn
    8 - Brighouse
    9 - Faireys
    10 - Carlton Main
    11 - Imps
    12 - Cwmaman

    but then, what do I know, I'm only a bass player.

    Well done to Fodens and the other prize winners.

  10. jimortality

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    I heard 12 bands as well today, these were my thoughts

    Black Dyke

    It was hard to decide between Fodens and Dyke

    Also thought Frickley played well, unlucky with 18th. YBS 14th is a big mystery but some great playing during the day, really enjoyed it.

    Jim Brailsford
    Ransome Band

    ps Dalewool played well too!
  11. Jan H

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    I heard somewhere that Raf Van Looveren (principal cornet of BB Willebroek and winner of the European Solo Contest in Glasgow) played with Sellers at the Open? In that case: many congratulations to Raf! (If this is not true: congratulations to the real solo cornet of Sellers, of course :) )

    Also, congratulations to Fodens and all the other bands!
  12. L J

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    2004 Open Contest

    I see a couple had Black Dyke up near the top. Why was it then that they actually came in 6th?
    How was the Sop player for them (Alex is it?)
    Were there any adjudicators remarks made known?
  13. Roger Thorne

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    John and myself heard 15 out of the 19 bands and although each band's performances had something different to offer the general consensus around Symphony Hall during the course of the day was that Black Dyke has pulled off a fantastic reading of Montage and looked likely to pip the others to the finishing line. Obviously people had their favourites, but as the announcement of the sixth place brought a barrage of boo's from the audience, I think everyone was then expecting a 'shock' result.
    Personally I didn't think that any band escaped from their performances unscathed. At this level of banding the slightest 'blip' could well be taken into consideration, (and there were quite a few today from all the bands) and that may have been the deciding point in the adjudicators summing up - who know's!
    Today's results have certainly made interesting conversation at Symhony Hall and will probably be the talking point for some weeks to come.

    Congratulations to Fodens, BAYV, Scottish Co-op and Kirkintilloch on a fine result and I think a special mention must go to Dalewool Auckland from New Zealand on your 10th placing.

  14. Heather

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    Congratulations to Fodens (our 'local' Band) but it certainly seems like Black Dyke were hard done by. Oh well, that's banding eh, it happens to all of us!!
  15. Accidental

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    The group I was with heard all but 2 (Rothwell and Sellers - sorry guys we had to eat and pee!!) and couldn't believe the results. FWIW we had (in no particular order)
    Top 3: BAYV, Dyke, YBS
    4/5: Coop, Fodens
    6: Dalewool/Grimey/Desford?

    Star players of the day were (for me anyway) Steve Barnsley & David Childs, Alex Kerwin & Roger Webster, Alison Bonner and the cornet player from Desford. Bit disappointed we missed Sellers, obviously!

    From the buzz before and after the results, I got the impression just about everyone had got Dyke placed 1st or 2nd - they must be gutted.
    I think the audience reaction when 6th place was announced said it all really!
  16. tewkeshorn

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    Heard most of the bands (except the winner which is typical!!).

    Like Roger said I didn't hear a single perfect performance to be able to say "That's the one" so any of the top 8 or so were in contention really.

    But the adjudicators explained their selection based on "The band that set out to achieve what was put in front of them" so that's why I'm guessing a lot of the 'Contest Music' bands came lower down expecting to win by picking a slightly harder piece but got showed up on their mistakes. (On a side note, did anyone else start to cringe when each solo cornet got to that C# hoping they wouldnt split it, yet so many did!!).

    I think the choice of 3 pieces seemed to work well from a spectator perspective (even though I'd forgotten how St Magnus went after hearing so many Contest Music's!) but more difficult to judge. Will be interesting to see what they do next year...
  17. IYOUNG

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    Hi everyone,

    We heard 14 of the 19 performances, the first 8 and the last 6 and when it had finished I immediately said a number of the bands later in the draw would do well, maybe not winners but certainly tright up there. Why? Yes the draw helped them but mostly because they played so well.

    I had a top 6 of:-

    1. Black Dyke
    2. Scottish Co Op
    3. YBS
    4 Desford
    5. Cory
    6. Kirkie

    Scottish Co Op were absolutely super and no surprise to me they were 3rd. Desford too great playing in the latter stages, for me the Instrumentalist prize was a toss up between Desford Principal Cornet and Roger Webster.

    I had to smile when Michael Ball stepped forward to say a few words and in true football managers speak after a game he said all the right things to alleviate any contraversy. ( not that I'm a synic or anything ! ) The organisors had done there homework preparing us just in case.

    Like everyone else just about, I had Dyke ahead by a distance but other positions that surprised me were YBS 14 - doesn't quality of sound have anything to do with it? - Tredegar last? - and sorry to offend but there was no way Dalewool were that high up in my book, its great that a NZ band were invited and good luck to them but they were not quite in the same league for me.

    So did the 3 test peice have any effect? The adjudicators and organisors say not.........for me it did, one of the least enjoyable open days for a while (still great though!!!) just couldn't get to grips with it, also the hall seemed very flat atmosphere wise.

    Just my thoughts

  18. Di

    Di Active Member

    Many congrats to Fodens.

    We heard 11 of the bands and had, in the top six, again in no particular order:


    Although, yes, we thought Dyke were up there at the top
  19. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    So what of the winning performance? What did Fodens produce onstage that put them ahead of the rest?
  20. Golden-Hynd

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    Well, we all walked off stage thinking it was the best performance we could give. But like everyone else seams to have said, Dyke must have been hard done by. I must have asked at least 20 odd people who all said that they were miles apart from every1 else. But I'll take the win! :)

    What order were the pieces placed in? i.e......

    1) Fodens (contest music)
    2) BAYV (St Magnus)

    No1 seems to have mentioned YBS though? Was it just one of those days for the band where it just didn't gel? Unusual for them!