2004 NABBA Competition Results

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    The 2004 North American Brass Band Association Competition was held April 16-17 in Charleston, West Virginia.

    First Place Championship (top) Section:
    Chicago Brass Band
    As such, Chicago Brass Band has been invited to represent North America to compete in the Championship Section of the first World Brass Band Championship taking place in July 2005 in Kerkrade, Netherlands.

    First Place, Honors Section:
    James Madison University Brass Band

    First Place, Challenge Section:
    New England Brass Band

    Adult Small Ensemble Competition
    First Place: James Madison University Brass Ensemble
    Second Place: Chicago Brass Band Players

    Adult Percussion Ensemble
    First Place: Chicago Percussion Project

    For more information, visit www.nabba.org and/or www.nabba2004.com.
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    -Well done Chicargo Brass band and the other winners.
    -Isnt the Chicargo band only a year and a half old?
    -Who came second and third?

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    Brass Band of Central Florida came in second in the Championship Section. Third place was not announced verbally at the Gala Concert, and I have not seen the composite of scores for all bands. The information will undoubtedly be posted at www.nabba2004.com and/or www.nabba.org eventually.
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    The results I received listed the following for the Championship Section. If anyone has complete totals for the Honors and Challenge sections as well, I'd love to see them...

    1. Chicago Brass Band
    2. Brass Band of Central Florida
    3. St. Louis Brass Band
    4. Brass Band of the Western Reserve
    5. Brass Band of Columbus
    6. Illinois Brass Band
    DQ - Atlantic Brass Band

    I am not aware of the point totals, although I've heard that it was nip and tuck between Chicago and BBCF. I also do not know the reason that Atlantic BB was disqualified.

    I must say I was very surprised by the 5th place finish of BBC, who are usually one of the powerhouses. However, besides the vagaries of adjudication, they did not compete last year and we all know a lot can change in a year or two.

    Congratulations to you Steve and to the rest of the CBB!! From what I've heard the result was well-earned! Please convey my best wishes to all your members.

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    Chicago BB 270.8
    BB Central Florida 270.2
    St. Louis BB 264.0
    BB Western Reserve 262.8
    BB Columbus 260.4
    Illinois BB 258.4
    Atlantic BB Disqualified


    James Madison Univ. BB 283.6
    Sunshine BB 275.0
    Cincinnati BB 273.4
    Sheldon Theater BB 272.6
    Central Ohio BB 271.5
    Motor City BB 263.2


    New England BB 283.6
    Spires BB 280.4
    Natural State BB 273.0
    Mountain State BB 264.2
    BB Tri-State 254.4
    All Star B&P 251.6
    Commonwealth No Show

    After they had submitted their original player line-up, Atlantic Brass Band made a roster change and did not give NABBA at least 10 days notice. It is noteworthy that they did not attempt to deceive NABBA by hiding the roster change. Nevertheless, NABBA offered them the choice of playing with previously registered personnel only (asking a tenor trombone to sightread the bass trombone part for the Competition), or perform the pieces with their new personnel and be eliminated from the standings. They chose the latter, and, like the class organization that they are, performed admirably. They did receive written comments from the adjudicators and played very well, so the trip to NABBA was not for naught and Atlantic BB has much to be proud of.
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    Kudos to Chicago BB for their playing and hosting the party afterwards. Frustrating that we didn't get to hear them as we played between them and BBCF.

    Good luck at the World Championsihps!!

    P.S. It appears the year off may have hurt Illinois as well!?
  7. PeterBale

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  8. Steve

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    Arent Illinois the band that competed at last years British Open? I thought they were almost untouchable over in America so last place seems a little unusual!! Congratulations to all the winners though, especially Chicago and good luck in Kerkrade.
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    I really don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers, and I also don't want to be seen as a total gossip-monger, so I hope that this description of relatively common knowledge is as balanced and editorial-free as possible...

    Yes, Illinois did compete at the British Open last fall, and Illinois *did* win six straight NABBA championships - a Repeat Three-peat! - in the years they competed: 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, and 2002 (tie). Due to NABBA rules, any band that wins their section three years running must sit out a year, hence the gaps in 1999 and 2003. Besides not competing at NABBA last year, they have had some personnel turnover - in particular with several members joining the then newly-formed Chicago Brass Band.***

    Illinois may simply have had an off day on the contest stage, but I think that it's fair to say that they have been rebuilding for the last 18 months or so, and apparently still have some work to do. So, knowing all of the above, I was a little surprised they came last but they were not my pick to win the NABBA Championships this year (Central Florida was, if anyone's curious ;-) ).

    Of course, members of the IBB may disagree with my analysis...


    *** In the interests of full disclosure, my band also had several members join CBB, which - while difficult at the time - has I believe turned out for the best for all parties concerned. I'm sure they would agree! :-D
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    Well said Lothian, the whole situation has no doubt been taxing on all of the Chicago area bands (as it has been for us to watch, just a short distance away.)

    Congrats to Colin and the CBB, really wish we could have been there to see and compete.
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    Atlantic BB has much to be proud of.[/quote]

    Kind words, Marcus, and thanks. As you can imagine, the decision to go ahead with our full band was a hard one, and the rule change did catch us by surprise, but no excuses. We had worked hard, and did not want to present anything less than our best, and the trombonist in question is a legitimate member of the band, and we didn't think it was fair for our oversight to penalize him. The band, at a pre-contest meeting, voted overwhelmingly to go on with the full band.
    The judges' comments (have only heard Steve Sykes' myself) were very positive, and we felt that we played as well as we could have. Where that would have placed us is anyone's guess.
    Regrettably, Chicago was on directly after us, so we didn't get to hear the winning performance. I heard BBC, IBB, and Central Florida, CF had a very ambitious program, and had just enough trouble with it, that judges could have either given them the credit for the difficulty, or marked them down for the small errors. BBC played with a beautiful sound, control, and their usual wonderful homogeneity. Illinois was exciting and adventurous, but had lapses that must have hurt them.
    Altogether, I perceive the standard as steadily pushing upwards here in the colonies. Still a ways to go, though.
  12. Steve Marcus

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    I'm originally from the Philadelphia area, and my family still lives there. So, if I'm not too presumptuous, I hope that I'm welcome to sit in with Atlantic BB the next time that I visit the area!

  13. Herb Roselle

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    we'd have to hear you play first :) (smirk)
  14. TheMusicMan

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    A big hello to all our friends in the US.... I am absolutely delighted to be reading this thread. It's great to hear how you guys are doing in the US, please keep us all posted on what's happening.

    I regularly get across to Philly and St Louis (in fact the last time I was in Philly, I watched the Phillies v's Cardinals in a three match whopper AND, am wearign my phillies top today..:) ) - maybe I will be able to find some free time on one of my next visits and I will pop along to a rehearsal and say hello to y'all... what d'ya think? Would this be OK...?

    Thanks to you all for posting these updates.. keep 'em coming and spread the word yeah... :tup
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    Anyone's welcome to come sit in with us in Iowa (not that anybody every comes through Iowa, it's not really on your way TO anything.) But rehearsal is Thrusday nights at 7:30, in the hig school band room in Mt Vernon Iowa.