2004 EBBC DVD - problems

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by euphoria, Oct 14, 2004.

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    Monday afternoon - the postman has finally delivered the DVD of the 2004 European Championships. At last I get to hear and see what Music of the Spheres is all about, not to mention St Magnus and all the other performances of great music.

    I rip open the box and puts the DVD in the DVD-player and take place in my best chair with a cup of my finest coffee.
    The intro starts and the level of anticipation rises even further - but what happens????


    Absolutely nothing. I try Play all and I try Select track - still nothing:-(
    I then take DVD 2 - but it is the same.

    I contact my supplier and complain - he will try playing a new DVD at the shop and send it to me.

    Well it has just arrived - but the result is the same. I am devastated and would like to hear if anyone else have had similar experiences.

    BTW. My DVD-player is only about half a year old and is not the cheapest of the bunch. It is not a regional code problem and my DVD has never had problems with other DVD's - including 2003 EBBC.

    I am now left with a matching set of (expensive) beer coasters:-?

    Cheers Erik
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