2004 British Open and World of Brass Gala Concert DVD

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    Some eagle-eyed tMPers have already spotted the 2004 British Open and World of Brass Gala Concert DVD on our website.
    Stock came in yesterday we'll have supplies on our trade stands at this weekends RNCM Festival of Brass and Butlins Mineworkers Contest.

    Click HERE for full track listing and to order.

    The first to order this product on the World of Brass website was none other than Dyl!
    Well done, sir!
  2. dyl

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    Hehe! I was just about to check if my order had been received too! I look forward to seeing it.
  3. Kerwintootle

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    Pardon me for being at the other side of the world (lol) but are there copies of the individual bands that competed at the Open? I say that because I see that Black Dyke's performance of Montage hasn't been included on the DVD and I would like to see it, purely for vanity reasons, of course (lol).
  4. WorldofBrass.com

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    Alex, all the participating bands were sent invitations to order DVDs of their own performance. Suggest you have a word with Geoff Whiteley.

    There was a slight temptation to put the Dyke performance of Montage on the DVD, instead of Kirkintilloch, but the records show that Kirky were placed 3rd so that was the end of it!
  5. Kerwintootle

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    I'll get in touch with Geoff then.


  6. WorldofBrass.com

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    Thank you to yr_epa who has spotted an error in my track listing.
    Kirkintilloch were indeed placed 3rd rather than 2nd which it says at the moment.

    I'll get it changed.
  7. johnflugel

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    Hate to be pedantic but Kirkie actually came 4th - Co-op were in 3rd with 'St Magnus'.

    Presumably WOB wanted performances of all three pieces on the disc rather than two performances of 'St Magnus' (Cory in 2nd). Kirkie did have the highest placed performance of 'Montage' though.
  8. WorldofBrass.com

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    Thanks for this, John.
    Just to confirm that the track list in the DVD booklet is correct, naming Kirkintilloch as 4th. The website will be corrected.
    Apologies for the confusion.

    That was the reasoning, yes.
  9. dyl

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    Received my copy today - just put it into my pc at lunch time and I thought I had the wrong disc to start with - when the title started playing I could have sworn it was Star Wars! ;)
  10. yr_epa

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    Just looking back....oops.....CWS Glasgow were third.....doh! Sorry!
  11. wewizrobbed

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