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    Dates for your Diaries . . .

    London & Southern Counties:
    20th March - 2nd & 1st Sections
    21st March - Champ, 3rd & 4th
    Venue: Arts and Leisure Centre, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

    6th March - 1st
    7th March - 3rd & Champ
    13th March - 2nd
    14th March - 4th
    Venue: Town Hall, Burton upon Trent

    North of England:
    20th March - 4th, 3rd
    21st March - 2nd, 1st & Champ
    Venue: Dolphin Centre, Darlington

    North West:
    14th March - All Sections
    Venue: Winter Gardens, Blackpool

    13th March - 4th, 2nd & 1st
    14th March - 3rd, Champ
    Venue: Civic Centre, Motherwell

    13th March - 3rd, 2nd & 1st
    14th March - 4th, Champ
    Venue: Brangwyn Hall, Swansea

    West of England
    27th March - 4th, 2nd & 1st
    28th March - 3rd, Champ
    Venue: Riviera Centre, Torquay

    6th March - 2nd, 1st
    7th March - 4th, 3rd & Champ
    Venue: St. Georges Hall, Bradford

    (All details taken from BFBB Schedule and Entry Form)

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