2 x Student trumpets for sale

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    I have 2 instruments for sale as they were from my rental stock for private pupils here is the info

    1x Sonata trumpet 8 years old bought from normans in good condition for age has been kept clean and overhauled yearly.
    Missing the valve cap pearls and has had a dent removed from the bell which has left a laquer free line!

    1x elkhart trumpet - identical to the trumpet above had a stuck slide and the repair took some laquer off on the top of the tuning slide.
    Again well maintained and this one is 5 years old.

    They have sat in storage for the last 12 months and are currently away getting overhauled ready for a new customer!
    Both trumpets blow really well and the tuning is excellent.
    The overhaul job alone is £45 on both of these so please bear that in mind if making an offer!

    I`m looking for £75 ono each or will do both for £130
    Postage is £18 per instrument
    Please email for details - payment via paypal prefered