2 nights a week to rehearse?

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  1. euphnut

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    Is 2 days a week too much to expect (work and family commitments of course come first or should that be the other way round?)?

    what do other readers think???:confused: I will post my view, but hope this stimulates some comments.

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  2. euphnut

    euphnut New Member

    sorry spelt rehearse in a hurry!!:oops:
  3. brasscrest

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    In the 29 years I've been associated with the National Capital Band, we have never had regularly scheduled rehearsals more than once a week.

    For special occasions, such as preparing for international tours or recording sessions, we have added extra rehearsals on an ad-hoc basis.
  4. euphnut

    euphnut New Member

    thank you for your reply, but if bands are to be more musical they need to be play together more. If they only rehearse once a week does that not mean that when a performance is needed the few rehearsals before and in fact the performance itself becomes just that - a rehearsal?
  5. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    We would probably play better if we had rehearsal twice a week. But, in the modern world, in an area like Washington where traffic is a major concern on any weeknight, it is nigh impossible to have more than one rehearsal a week. We have players that travel long distances to rehearsals - I myself travel about 60 miles. I've had to make special arrangements with my work in order to leave early on rehearsal night to ensure that I'm there on time. And my trip isn't the longest one in the band.

    In the UK, where there are many more bands, someone might have the option of finding a band that rehearses in a closer place, but that's not really an option for me.
  6. Craigsav83

    Craigsav83 Active Member

    Well, our band (3rd section) rehearses 2 nights a week. I cannot make 2 nights a week due to work, I have to pay for my cost of living before I can even think about band rehearsals.
  7. sevenhelz

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    st helens youth rehearses just once a week, because of families and school and so on. we actually rehearse on a saturday morning so that weeknights are free for any work we need to do, or in many cases for adult band rehearsals. with so many members it's important to take our saturday rehearsals seriously. we get a lot done in them and our band's standards and results are good.

    on the other hand i know that most of the adult bands around here rehearse two nights a week. it's a social gathering as well as a place to work on our music, and i have to say i do feel we get less done. so two nights works better with a more informal atmosphere.

    i really think it depends on the attitude of the band and conductor. *shrug*
    hope that helps a little?
  8. I think its best to have 2 rehearsals a week. That way if not everyone can make both, at least they'll be able to go to one. Also as already said it allows for a more informal atmosphere which is much more enjoyable for all.
  9. euphonium1214

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    We practise Weds evening except when working towards a concert/contest, when we will rehearse on Sunday mornings too. This isn't often successful because loads of us children have things we want to do that we either have to miss, or suffer the angry glares of a conductor when we tell them we can't go to band. All of us also attend Youth band on a different night of the week and it becomes that we can't often enjoy it any more because once we start having Sunday rehearsals, that's when things sort of seem more serious... which is fine for me :D but maybe not for everyone.
    I thought that half the point of our extra rehearsals was to catch the people who were away the previous practice, but if you're away for a holiday on Weds, it's likely you still will be on Sunday!
  10. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    my band (3rd section) practices two nights a week (tuesday and thursday) for two hours (3 hours on tuesday for those that are in the training band aswell) added onto that is an hour round trip to on tuesdays I give up 4 hours for band! I have to miss every other thursday because of my rota at work (I work two evening shifts a week) I'm a student so I need a job and this job fits best around band as although I miss one out of 4 rehearsals, I am free for most weekend band jobs!

  11. yonhee

    yonhee Active Member

    Just realised storeys only has one practise a week :sup
  12. postie

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    Yeah we have rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We always seem to get pretty good turn outs.
  13. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    I think it depends really...

    I'd rather have a full band once a week than half a band and different people showing up twice a week.... better results come with a regular rehearsal with a full team... Works better for some bands than others...
  14. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    We rehearse Mondays and Wednesdays and generally get a good turn out to both. We have two or three people who have to miss the odd rehearsal on a regular basis due to work/home commitments which is unavoidable and accepted but generally our attendance is quite good.
    We also chuck in a few extra ones in the run up to contests.

    Me? I'd be there 5 nights a week if I could.
  15. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    I think it is a must for 2 times a week without fail.

    We practise Tuesdays&Thursdays +our junior group have a hour before us on a Thursday as well.
    On a tuesday 2 hors and on thursdays 1&half due to juniors having a hour:clap:
    One or two miss the odd practise due to work with shifts but we average 22/23 a practise:biggrin:
    We are a first section band.
    But those who have to miss due to work if they are on nights dont like to miss as they feel as they are letting the rest of the band down.;)
  16. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    We practice once a week on a Monday, except leading up to Contests and major concerts. The issue with rehearsing twice a week is that at present it hasn't been drilled into the members. They all generally able, or happy to turn out once a week, but other commitments, rightly so in most cases, take priority.

    Personally I would like to go to 2 nights a week as we were promoted to the 1st section a the beginning of the year. I honestly believe that we will only cement our postion if we stay at 1 night a week, but could challenge for promotion with 2.

    All in all, 1 night a week is satisfactory if you only want to get so far up the banding ladder, but 2 is by far the best option.

    If it had been ingrained into the players of my band from the start then we would have better attendance at additional, or hopefully in the future a permanent 2nd night.
  17. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    I've played in bands who do once a week and bands who do 2. I must admit the better bands do twice per week. Most of the time there isn't 100% attendance but I personally think that twice is better.

    The more you practice at home the better player you become but the more you practice together the better band you become. You can't expect a good degree of togetherness if you only play together for 2 hours per week.
  18. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    ^What he said.

    I think that, unless it gets to silly numbers on one particular night, everyone needs to try to make two rehearsals a week. I appreciate that in this day and age it isn't always possible for everybody to make two rehearsals every week of the year, but as many as possible should make it.

    If there is a particular problem at some time, then maybe a sectional or 'quartet' rehearsal could be scheduled? That way the time isn't wasted. For instance your band could feature your bass section in a quartet - just for a bit of novelty value? There are some great concert items out there for smaller sections of the band.
  19. hellraiser

    hellraiser Member

    One downside of once a week rehearsal is if people miss this one then you don't see them for a fortnight. Considering that some bandspeople only take their instruments out of the case at the bandroom then this is a bit of a problem.

    I do think however that some bands go OTT before contests.
  20. Just Crazy

    Just Crazy Member

    We practise and i dont think i have ever been to a band rehearsal with my current band where everyone has been there.

    Even on the contest stage its not a full band, we still have depts!

    But things will get better!!!!!

    I would go to rehersal every night of the week if i had to!