2 new John Williams arrangements by Philip Sparke

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    Anglo Music Press has just released 2 new John Williams arrangements, both transribed by Philip Sparke

    Written for the re-dedication of the Statue of Liberty

    Complete version of the fanfare written for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

    Both available now from your local dealer or De Haske UK (contact details on my web site, below)
  2. Keppler

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    a complete version of Summon the Heroes??

    including all the percussion and that mad oboe and bassoon bit?

    aaargh :shock: :shock:

    great stuff though..
  3. Anglo Music Press

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    Summon the Heroes

    Yes, the lot. I have made the percussion playable by three players and only four timps (!) and the CONTEST (your 'mad oboe and bassoon bit'!) is in there (on tuned perc) but I have put an optional cut to avoid embarrasment all round! (Me included!)
  4. Keppler

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    :D this I have to hear!

    *rubs hands gleefully*
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  6. GJG

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    Do you mind if I ask (and I really don't want this to appear insolent or provocative in any way) how you were able to get permission for these arrangements, when every formal licence request that I have made to obtain permission to make an arrangent of William's music has been refused with the blanket assertion that "it is policy not to authorise third-party arrangements of John Williams' music"

    Just wondering.


  7. ukdrummerboy

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    I've had this response to. I myself have tried to get permission for several JW arrangements, and always been turned down, as i know Wright & Round and Bernearts Music always struggle to get permission to (as they have tried on my behalf!) Something to do with JW having to personally approve any score of an arrangement! So i myself would be most grateful if any insight was offered?