2 cornet players looking for a home.

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by waynefiler, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. waynefiler

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    Hi all,

    Because of work, myself and my wife are relocating down south to the Camberley, Surrey area and are looking for a band to join, though we're not moving until mid-april/beginning may.

    I'm looking for a sop or flugal position but am willing to play front row depending on what seat, and my wife will be ideally suited to back row though not rep.

    ideally we're looking for a 2nd section band but if you're a friendly bunch you never know where we'll end up.

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. Vegasbound

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    I would suggest Sandhurst Band may be worth a look!
  3. sooze booze

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    Epson & Ewell Silver Band (based in Epsom, Surrey) are a 1st section band. My brother and sister in law play there and live in Guildford. I used to live in that area and know that Camberley is not too far from Guildford but I don't know how far it is from Epsom!!

    They have a website, not sure of the full address but try Googling Epsom & Ewell Silver Band (EESB).

    Hope you get sorted
  4. RamasII

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    you could try the wantage bands. They have quite a few there at different levels the A band being in the Championship section...
  5. Andrea

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    Why don't you try Tilbury Brass Band in Essex. We rehearse on Wednesdays (& Sundays in Contest Season). We have space for a front and back row cornet player and we are currently in the 2nd Section.
    Please contact our Secretary on 08743 011144 or email andrealewis26@hotmail.com

  6. waynefiler

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    Thanks Andrea for the offer, but i'm sorry Tilbury is a bit too much to travel. We're looking for some reasonably local.

    many thanx

  7. Straightmute

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    Hi Wayne - don't do anything until you've give Alder Valley Brass a try, based on the Farnham/Aldershot border. I played there for several years during my exile in the south and they are a fantastic bunch making great progress under the direction of Roger Burke. Cathy and yourself would be made very welcome I'm sure.

    If you can't contact them I'm sure I'll be able to find a number for you - give me a call.

  8. sophunk

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    Alder Valley are looking for flugal....St albans looking for sop and cornets
  9. HorniKaz

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    Near to Camberley, you have Egham (1st section), Sandhurst (1st section) & Staines Brass (Champ section). There's also Staines Lammas if you don't fancy contesting! Good luck with your move!
  10. ploughboy

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    There's an offer - Staines Lammas - I wonder what the uniform is . . . .

    Hey Kaz, hope you're well.
  11. Accidental

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  12. Simon_Horn

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    Fulham Brass Band (3rd section) are not far from you. We currently have a full band but welcome any visitors who fancy a blow. Check out our website: www.fulhambrassband.co.uk
  13. chill

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    hope your move goes well.

    Sandhurst band definately have vacancies. We are based right next door to Camberley.

    Friendly social band. Rehearse on Tuesday nights, with some extras when we are working towards contests.


    Feel free to contact me for more info, or our band secretary from our website
  14. cornetcheese

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    Hi there,

    If you're looking for a band to join, feel free to pop along to Regent Brass. The band is in the 1st section, but we do have a couple of cornet vacancies, one of which is on soprano cornet.

    The band rehearses near Preston Road station on the Metropolitan Line, so very convenient to get to! More information is on www.regentbrass.com. We rehearse Thursday evenings 8-10pm.

    There's also a bar nearby which is a regular Regent haunt!