2 Concerts this Saturday

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    A Summer Concert, Royal Holloway College Chapel, Egham, Surrey;


    The Voices Anon Choir, Conducted by Guy Bunce, with guest soloist, Willson Euphonium Artist Charley Brighton, with Malcolm Stowell, piano & organ.

    (Featured Euphonium solos; Air & Gigue, Handel, Sunrise, Sunset arranged by Adam Gord & Czardas, Vittorio Monti)

    Tickets at the door, £7 and £4 concessions.

    and at 7pm

    The Central South Youth Brass Band of The Salvation Army
    Slough SA, Stoke Road.

    Tickets £4, £3 concessions.

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    Hi Folks,

    Just to let you know the recent solo appearance at the Royal Holloway Chapel was a great success, bringing the still sometimes unknown voice of the Euphonium to 'joe public'. And a bonus is an invite to the choirs' Xmas concert too;

    Story & pic;


    Best wishes, Chas