1st Section National Results

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Roger Thorne, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. Roger Thorne

    Roger Thorne Active Member

    Wem, Shropshire UK
    1st Section National Final Results

    Position - Band - Draw - Points

    1. BHK (UK) Ltd Horden, 3, 188
    2. United Norwest Co-op Milnrow, 10, 187
    3. United Co-op (Crewe), 15, 184
    4. Knottingley Silver, 4, 183
    5. Zone One Brass, 2, 181
    6. Barrow Shipyard, 8, 179
    7. Riddings, 13, 178
    8. Gresley Old Hall, 1, 177
    9. Kibworth, 12, 176
    10. Bon Accord Silver, 9, 175
    11. City of Bristol, 11, 174
    12. Test Valley Brass, 14, 173
    13. Hade Edge (J&E Dickenson), 5, 172
    13. Treherbert, 17, 172
    15. Friary Guildford, 7, 171
    16. Abergavenny Borough, 16, 170
    17. Bathgate, 6, 169

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  2. :D Well done Horden, I was supporting you from far away, congrats to all, but especially Linda, Suzanne, Gary-are you still there?-, Paul, Ritchie and anyone I've forgotten-sorry! :shock:

    :D :D :D
  3. rickcowens

    rickcowens Member

    west yorkshire (hebden bridge)
    well done to jo and the rest ov horden band!!!!! also a big well done to milnrow!! back on form i see :D
  4. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne and Wear
    A North East Band doing well at the Nationals??? :shock: :shock: Surely not!!!

    Well Done all!!
  5. horn1

    horn1 Member

    Lees, Oldham
    Well done Milnrow!!!!!! :D
  6. Sellers_Bird

    Sellers_Bird Active Member

    Last place God built
    CONGRATULATIONS MILNROW!!!! *dont know if any of u come on here* am well chuft, and proud to be ex member... well done Horden too, good to see Holmsey biggin' up for the North East!
  7. deave

    deave Member

    Holmesy bigs up everything he does!! 'Cornet, a class act today!' sweet
  8. yorkyboy

    yorkyboy Member

    To be honest any of the bands could have won this contest. There was nothing in it. Nobody IMO really grasped the concept of the music in the style that the adjudicators were looking for and there was not one outstanding performance of what turned out to be a very difficult piece.
  9. Thegroupies

    Thegroupies Member

    South Wales
    Have to agree with you yorkyboy, but could it be that the adjucdicators may have been wrong on this occasion, :?: after all, in their opinion only 2 bands got it right. They also commented that there were no interuptions, what about the mobile that rang during band number 16 performance. 4BR thought it did not "put off" the band, i'm sure it did.
    The plonker it belonged to thought it quite funny, and made no attempt to hide the fact or rush to turn it off, a very professional act for a player in the 1st section :x
  10. Heather

    Heather Member

    Crewe, Cheshire
    ...adjudicators wrong!!!!......oh, how could you say such a thing?? :lol:
  11. Thegroupies

    Thegroupies Member

    South Wales
    oops : :wink: just slipped out, couldn't help myself.
  12. yorkyboy

    yorkyboy Member

    Adjudicators could well have been wrong. IMO its about time that for the major contests the adjudicators release a document 4 or so weeks before the contest with there interpretaion of how a piece should be taken. This would enable all of the bands to be aiming for the same thing rather than the current situation of having to guess what the adjudicators expect.
  13. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    Surely we should be trying to play music as we imagine the composer intended it, not trying to second-guess what an adjudicator wants to hear?

    When I adjudicate I'm often most impressed by bands who find something in the music which I'd hadn't previously envisaged. So my document to bands might just say "surprise me"!

    There are very few rights and wrongs when it comes to musical interpretation and no single correct way to perform a piece, so why should we all be limited by one person's vision? The day someone says to me "no, you have to do it this way" is the day I give up music - I aim to make our performances stand out from those of the other bands, rather than aim for some bland uniformity! If the man in the box doesn't like it, well that's tough, but at least we stick to our musical convictions.

    Even in a single contest, a band might be criticised for playing 'too fast' if detail can't be heard, when another band can get the tempo 'just right' by achieving greater clarity even if they are playing more quickly.

    And what if there are two or more adjudicators?

  14. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    I have to say that if that happens I shalln't be attending to listen to many more contests.

    I had an interesting conversation with somebody the other day. She asked why I enter competitions? Is it for pure sport or is it to make music?

    Your suggestion above smacks of sport.

    I like to hear variations in interpretations- that is what makes the day interesting. If all bands came on stage and played the same way, (save for individual errors and splits etc) it would be completely boring. It would become a competition of who made the least errors. If that is what you want, then fine. Personally, I dont.

    I can say with some certainty though that all adjudicators look for the following:

    Good intonation
    Good ensemble
    Right notes

    Other than that it is down to individual preference of style and interpretation. Chances are if you do the 3 certs mentioned above you will be somewhere near the top anyhow!

    It is frustrating if you play well and dont get a good result but, well, thats contesting!

  15. yorkyboy

    yorkyboy Member

    I do agree with what you all say, but on Sunday the adjudicators were looking for the band that played the piece closest to how they remebered Eric Ball conducting it when it was released. Surely they should have been more open minded , as David above suggests, and look for the band that provides a great overall music performance. The adjudicators should not go into the box with a pre concieved idea on how the winning band should perform the piece either.
  16. Mrs Fruity

    Mrs Fruity Member

    North East
    I seem to remeber someone telling me that a band played A Kensington Concerto at the RAH in 1971 (it was 71 wasn't it?) and did very well, received excellent comments from Mr Ball himself, then played the same piece, same personnel, same interpretation at another contest adjudicated by someone else (who shall remain nameless because I want to continue playing for a while yet) and came last.
  17. JessopSmythe

    JessopSmythe Active Member

    Pontyclun, South Wales
    I'm glad someone else noticed. It was very offputting on stage.
    If people are incapable of following instructions and turning off their phones when asked politely, maybe the organisers should consider an out right ban on phones in the building and fine offenders. The one in our performance wasn't the only one. Some daft old bat during band 1's performance not only had her phone switched on up on the balcony but walked from her seat to a 'quiet' corner to answer it :evil:
  18. floral_dance

    floral_dance Member

    I thought it was awful during the Sunday competition, (was not there on Saturday so can't comment) the number of times a mobile went off. The announcer forget his name had to remind people everytime a new band came on. As for the female, (she wasn't that old really, probably depends what end of the time line you are at :lol: ) why did she not just switch it off, I was sitting in the balcony at the time, I did not realise she actually answered the call. The majority of people in the hall were bands people, if we can not respect each other what chance do we have.

    Another gripe about Sunday, there were no officials on the doors only council, or Caird hall workers. They waited until the band was on stage and about to play before closing the door. They even let people wander in during the performance. For a competition like this I am sure the organisers could have at SBBA, or BBBA officials to man the doors, or even bandsmen.

    Sorry rant over. :oops:
  19. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    Ryhill, Wakefield
    I think that's the thing with the finals "travelling" every year, you go to venues. The people running them are not used to brass band contests, which if you think about it are very unique set-ups. I'm sure if the finals were in Dundee again next year then lessons would have been learnt and those sort of things would not happen again.
    The only other way to ensure a smooth operation is to have it in the same place every year.
  20. markyboy

    markyboy Member

    I heard last week that from next year, the lower section finals will be held in Harrogate on a permanent basis. Can anyone confirm or deny this fact?
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