1st Section National Championships 2000

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    Hi All

    I was hoping that someone on here might be able to help me. I played for Boldon Colliery Band at the 1st section finals 2000 in the RAH. I know that there were some photographs taken of the competing bands on stage as they were available for purchase for some time after the contest; it didn't really register with me to buy one at the time.

    Does anyone know who might have taken these photographs? And how I might be able to get myself a copy of one as a memento of a band that is no longer in existence?


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    I just looked at the band photos I have handy from Butlins 2006 and the L&SCR qualifiers in Stevenage 2009, and both are from R & P Photographic Service, with the address Norwick House, The Court, Crowcombe, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 4AD, tel 01984 618355. Whether they were the company at the 2000 Lower Section Finals at the Albert Hall, I don't know, but they do attend a lot of these contests.
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    I have sent them an email
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    Hi Dan, Phil Chisholm was there that year, I think (it may have been the year after) Why not get your mam to ask James? Good luck tomorrow.

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    Thanks Jill, I'll do that, might as well put her to good use! Best of luck to you too!