1G Bach Mouthpiece (Mount Vernon)

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    I'm desperately looking to buy the above as a replacement for my old 1G which, despite refinishing, is almost beyond use.

    I have purchased 2 replacements in the past (341 series) but they feel a different size and just don't feel like my old trusty mouthpiece.

    I am aware of slightly different specs in the same Bach sizes before this thread goes of on a tangent.

    To recap it is definitely the Mount Vernon version I am after and not the 341 series or newer "Artist" version.

    Despite some research I cannot find when the Mount Vernons were discontinued but think it must have been in the late nineties.

    Fingers crossed someone has a spare looking for a new home.

    Many thanks.
  2. MoominDave

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    "Mount Vernon" refers to an old location of the Bach production facility, where they were based 1953-64. The Bach model 1G (and 1-1/4G) was introduced around the 1970s - I don't know the exact date, but I do know that it was well after Bach left Mount Vernon NY for Elkhart IN. So there are no Mount Vernon 1Gs - the largest bass trombone mouthpiece made by Bach in Mount Vernon was the 1-1/2G.

    There have been no official changes to the 1G rim size that I'm aware of (341 is just a modern catalogue label for the mouthpiece range), but Bach's sizing QA has been notoriously variable over the years. Your best bet in finding another one that you like is to keep trying and buying random examples until you find one that works. I've got one in the collection at home that you'd be welcome to purchase - £40 gets it; let me know. Never liked the design of the 1G myself, so it's just sitting around.
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    I guess if this particular mouthpiece is that good it might be worth sending it to someone reputable to duplicate...

    But then I guess that depends what's wrong with it now and whether duplicating it's current state (sans dents, cracks, etc obviously) gets you any better than the options otherwise available
  4. Gtrom

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    Thanks for the replies and history lesson Dave.

    Scrutinising the typeface on the mouthpiece it seems to date from 1997 - 2003 ( Large letters VINCENT BACH 1G).

    I'm pretty sure the mouthpiece was advertised as a Mount Vernon piece as the modern catalogue number of 341 must have been introduced after I originally bought it.

    If you can date your mouthpiece Dave I might be interested if it matches the above.

    I've tried a few mouthpieces tempting me away from the old trusty but keep coming back to it. As I mentioned I have 2 1G replacements (341's) but also a Bach 1 1/4, Yamaha 58 and 59, Schilke 59 and 60,K&G 1E and a Stork 1, all similar but not quite the same.

    The idea of getting someone to duplicate my 1G is not appealing, especially as Bach themselves can't seem to exactly do it, ha !
  5. MoominDave

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    I think offhand (it's at home) it's a "VINCENT BACH CORP. 1G". I think... I'll check later. Think it was bought new by Dave Short circa 2010, but don't quote me on that.

    If somebody sold you a Bach 1G describing it as "Mount Vernon", then they were telling you porkie pies...
  6. MoominDave

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    Correction - it's a "VINCENT BACH 1G". Not sure exact match to lettering styles shown on Bach Loyalist site. Yours if you want it.
  7. Gtrom

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    Thanks Dave.

    PM sent.