1990 European Brass Band Championship

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    I just received a CD of this event in the mail via E-Bay. I haven't had the chance to listen to it yet but it includes the following:

    The Essence of Time - Whitburn - 2nd Place Test Piece - 2nd Overall
    Blitz - Whitburn - Joint 5th Place Own Choice
    John O'Gaunt - Parc & Dare - Joint 5th Place Own Choice - 7th Overall
    Dances & Arias - Treize Etoiles - 8th Place Own Choice - 4th Overall
    Contest Music - CWS Glasgow - 7th Place Own Choice - 5th Overall

    I know the contest was won by Black Dyke with 198 points and I have their recording of the test piece; does anyone recall what they played as their own choice? Any ideas as to why two 99 point performances in each section would not make it to the CD?

    This appears to be a strange linup of performances and I'm wondering if there was another CD featuring some of the other winning performances (besides Dyke, in the own choice Eikanger received 97 points and second place; Ila and de Waldsang each earned 94 points) and the Gala Concert.

    Anyone out there with goods memories?
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  3. John Brooks

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    Thanks, I didn't think of that. But that leads me to rephrase my question:

    Black Dyke - The Essence of Time - 99 points
    Black Dyke - Harmony Music - 99 points
    Eikanger - Partita (don't know which one) - 97 points
    De Waldsang - Cloudcatcher Fells - 94 points
    Ila Brass - Dances & Arias - 94 points

    Obviously all recorded but where are they? The Dyke performances under David King must have been stunning. Why choose the 8th place - 90 point Treize Etoiles performance of Dances & Arias over the 3rd place Ila? It all seems strange to me.
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    Sounds like it is a double CD because I have the other half of the recording with Dykes great performances on it. Waldsang and a Norwegian band (conducted by Ray Farr) so have their performances on.

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    Hi John:

    Now it all makes sense. I can't begin to imagine why I don't have this CD, but your answer makes sense. As soon as I saw the CD contents I knew something was a bit off. Thanks for the answer :)