1979 Large Bore Round Stamp Cornet

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    John Packer Ltd is delighted to be selling on behalf of a customer a rare Boosey & Hawkes Roundstamp cornet. This once-in-a-lifetime sale is extremely uncommon. Still in its original wrappings, this immaculate large bore silver-plated Sovereign cornet was bought in 1979 and is believed by the owner to have been never played. The instrument has the original tissue paper and labels from the B&H factory in Edgware Road. It also comes in its original small blue case. B&H marked their instruments with the famous Roundstamp/globe between the years 1978-1985- reputed to be when they made their finest instruments. This cornet is as good as when it left the factory and therefore will command a price which reflects its reputation and condition. Brass department manager, Steve Herbert, said this would be a unique sale. “It’s very rare to have an instrument that’s never been played before as a client sale. I don’t think an instrument of this notoriety will be on sale for long. “Any player familiar with the kudos of the Roundstamp, or a collector will be itching to get their hands on it. It’s almost the same as finding a brand new Picasso in the loft.” Offers are invited to Steve at John Packer Ltd. Steve can be contacted on 01823 282386 or via email steve@johnpacker.co.uk . Any offers made will be put to the owner.

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