1960's Yorks Area pieces.

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  1. iancwilx

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    Between 1966 and 1970, the Yorkshire Area broke away from the National Organisers and chose their own test pieces.
    Can any of you veteran Banders out there remember what Championship pieces were chosen and in which year?
    I seem to recall "Diadem of Gold", "Le Roi D'Ys" and perhaps "Judges" and or "Carnival Romaine"
    Yorkshire returned to the fold about 1970 with "The Corsair"

    Just for info the rest of the '60's top Section Area pieces were :-

    61 - Le Preludes
    62 - Salute to Youth
    63 - Rienzi
    64 - Symphony of Marches
    65 - Themes from Beethoven Symphony No.1
    66 - ? Yorkshire
    67 - ? Yorkshire
    68 - ? Yorkshire
    69 - ? Yorkshire
    70 - The Corsair

    Thinking caps on !!

    - Wilkie
  2. brassneck

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    Now, I'll tell you the Scottish Region tests for these years just in case there were any overlaps.

    61 - Les Preludes
    62 - Salute To Youth
    63 - Rienzi
    64 - Symphony Of Marches
    65 - Le Roi D'Ys
    66 - Blackfriars
    67 - Festival Music
    68 - Beethoven's 8th Symphony
    69 - Le Carnival Romain
    70 - Spectrum

    Hope this helps.
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  3. JR

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    Yorks Area

    1968 was Themes from Beethoven's 8th (won by Grimethorpe)

    1969 was Diadem of Gold (won by Hammonds)

    1970 was Corsair (won by Imps?)

    1971 was A Joyful Noise (Gordon Jacob) won by Carton Main

    can't remember 66/67

    All were held at Leeds Town Hall in those days - and much later in the year (May)

    John R
  4. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Hi John - I played at all these Areas with Imps, but I definitely never played Beethovens 8th I recall playing his 1st in 1965. (Our one and only appearance under Captain [Later to be Major] Kenney.)
    I also thought we played "Diadem" earlier than 1969 because Derek Danks was on Sop for that one, but Roy Roe was with us in 1969.
    I thought "Diadem" was 1966, the 1st Area we did with Trevor W. wagging.
    Yes , we did win in 1970 but did nothing in London.
    - Wilkie
    ( Is it time for my hot milk yet Nurse ?)
  5. rikster

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    Hi, I was in the hall when Grimethorpe won with themes from Beethovens 8th in 68, Fantastic.
    The sound ringing around the hall made it sound in parts like singing, I remember also the auditorium erupting when the results were announced, a moment I will never forget.
  6. JR

    JR Member

    definitely correct on Beethovens 8th for '68 and Diadem for '69! (I'll dig out the programmes..) - '69 was
    my first contest as a player and '68 my first as a listener.

    The '69 result was particularly controversial with Dyke placed 3rd - loud gasps of disbelief rang out (nothing changes)

    In '68 a vinyl recording was made of all the winning performances - George Thompson conducted Grimethorpe with Pete Roberts on Sop - the (large) audience started applauding at least 20 seconds before the end.

    Is it possible that 'Copperworks didnt go to these? - strange things happened back then - and very small (3 or 4 sometimes) entries for the top section with the National winners not required to attend e.g. Dyke didnt need to go at all in the 70s

  7. iancwilx

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    Well you've got me stumped John.
    I did play "Diadem", "Beethovens 1st" and "Corsair" at Leeds Town Hall.
    The rest were all at St Georges.
    With a fair amount of certainty I remember "Le Roi D'ys", "Judges" and perhaps "Carnival R."

    Thinking back, didn't we have our own "Yorkshire Championships" as well?
    I deffo recall playing "Rhapsody in Brass" at St Georges in about July of 1965 and coming 2nd to Crossleys.

    The mystery is that I am convinced I have never set eyes on Beethovens 8th at the Areas (Or any other band contest)
    Our MD in the early 60's was Andy Owenson, Capt. Kenney did the 1965 Area and Trevor came to us in the August of 65 and stayed about 10 years.
    Up to 1971 I never missed an Area with Imps.
    All I can think of is that there were two different contests running simultaneously, the official Area, and the breakaway Yorkshire Area and Copperworks went to the latter on different pieces.
    Tim Shackleton would know but unfortunately he's not available !!
    What's left of my brain is beginning to ache !!

    - Wilkie
  8. Lucian Carstairs

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    This is a really good thread, brings back good memories, we used drive down from the north east to hear the fantastic playing of the Yorkshire bands of that time playing classic test pieces.......now I'm really showing my age!!!
  9. JR

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    Ian - I've checked the (v interesting - look at the low points scoring system) archive material on 4br for the Yorks Area and I am right about the prizewinners and dates/venue. Imps did attend each contest under Trevor but were not in the prizes until their win in 1970 on the Corsair.

    Having looked at this I am 100% certain about the test pieces as well (though they arent listed on 4br) - my Dad might still have the programmes - I'll ask him on Saturday!

    Also Pete Argyle might remember...(I'll ask his son Paul the next time I see him) - and wasnt Bill Rodgers playing at te time?

    John R
  10. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    If you could do that bit of research I'd be grateful.

    It's the Beethoven 8th that I honestly would swear I've never seen in my life - mind you, it was a very long time ago !

    I know Peter very well, we joined Imps on the same day and our birthdays are on the same day.
    We once had to share a bed for a week on a weeks job in Edinburgh - 5 lads in one room, you can imagine it can't you.
    Peter used to entertain us every night with his famous trick !!

    Yes, Billy was there all through that period, but I rarely see him now as I retired from full time playing last Christmas.

    - Ian W.
  11. Blossom

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    My records for Yorkshire Champ. Section for the 60's are as follows:

    1960 Themes from Symphony No.5 Tchaikovsky arr Ball (B & R - Trevor Walmsley)
    1961 Les Preludes - Liszt (Black Dyke Mills - G.H.Willcocks)
    1962 Salute to Youth - Vinter (Crossleys Carpet Works - John Harrison)
    1963 Rienzi arr.Hayden Johns (Grimethorpe Colliery Institute - George Thompson)
    1964 Symphony of Marches - Vinter (Black Dyke Mills - C.H.Jaeger)
    1965 Theme from 1st Symphony Beethoven arr.Ball (Black Dyke Mills - C.H.Jaeger)
    1966 Le Roi d'Y's - Lalo arr Wright (Black Dyke - C.H.Jaeger)
    1967 Festival Music - Eric Ball (Grimethorpe Colliery - George Thompson)
    1968 8th Symphony - Beethoven arr.Wright (Grimethorpe Colliery - George Thompson)
    1969 Diadem of Gold arr.Wright (Hammonds Sauce Works - Geoffrey Whitham)

    If I have them I will be pleased to help with any more results - just ask
  12. derekdawson

    derekdawson Member

    excuse me but I think you're wrong on Tchaikovsky 5 for 1960, I came out the Army in 61 and played The 5th on my first area 1961 with Grimethorpe, I was on EEb then and we played the same piece at Berryhill Mansfield the same year
  13. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    I hate to disagree with you Old Buddy, but 1961 was deffo "Le Preludes", and I'm pretty sure the "Tchaik" was the year before - I have a 1962 Area programme somewhere which confirms this.

    Meanwhile Derek, do you remember winning on Beethovens 8th with Grimey in the 1960's ?
    - Wilkie
  14. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Well, that confirms what JR came up with.
    I still can't recall playing B's 8th though.
    It was the year that Mr McCann left us to go to Fairies because I recall that Irvine Vaines played Top Man for us at Belle Vue on "John O'Gaunt" that year.
    Perhaps we didn't go to the Area that year.
    Perhaps I'm going "Doollally" (Which isn't out of the question Ha ! Ha !)
    - Wilkie ( I think ??)
  15. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    PS: My 1962 Area prog lists all the previous years pieces on one of the pages.
    - Wilkie
  16. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    I have scanned the 1962 programme page and attachedit to this post.
    - Wilkie

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  17. Blossom

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    If it helps your memory the bands listed as competing for 1968 are
    Brighouse & Rastrick - Walter B Hargreaves
    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery - Jack Atherton
    Crossley's Carpet Works - John Harrison
    Grimethorpe Colliery - George Thompson
    Hammons Sauce Works - Geoffrey Whitham
    Lindley - Leonard Lamb
    Markham Main Colliery - Allan Street
    Yorkshire Imperial Metals - Trevor Walmsley
  18. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Well, I must have been there then - perhaps it wasn't a very memorable performance !!
    Funny how the brain deletes things with the passage of time.

    I'd like to catch a glimpse of the EEb Bass part, I bet it would all come flooding back then !

    Perhaps I'd over imbibed at the "Queens" before the performance and wandered into St. Geo's and played without noticing (I jest of course. No drinking before playing in those days - ever !)
    - A bemused Wilkie
  19. derekdawson

    derekdawson Member

    I stand corrected my old friend, In 1961 I should have been demobbed in March, ( Grimey were waiting for me for the area) as I was the only bass player left in the military band they delayed my release until May of that year so I missed the Area didn't I?. my first contest then was Berryhill, Mansfield on Tchai. 5th, what threw me was I remember going round to Dick Ogley's, just round the corner from me and he was practising Tchai. 5 on Bass Trom. If Dick is on tmp and reads this it would be nice to hear from you mate.
  20. derekdawson

    derekdawson Member

    Forgot to mention Ian, I don't remember Beet.8th, because 1968 I was still at Carlton Main Frickley. went back to Grimethorpe after then and played on Spectrum 1969