1960's Area Test Pieces

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  1. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Like the guy on a similar thread, I am very hazy about the Top Section Area pieces that I played in the 1960's.
    I would be very grateful if some fellow geriatric bander could cast their mind back a mere 40 years and fill in the gaps in this list :-
    1960 ?
    1961 Le Preludes
    1962 Salute to Youth
    1963 Rienzi
    1964 Symphony of Marches
    1965 Beethovens 1st Symphony (Themes)
    1966 ?
    1967 ?
    1968 ?
    1969 ?
    1970 The Corsair

    I seem to recall "Diadem of Gold", "Le Roi D'ys" and perhaps "Le Franc Juges" but not the relevant years.
    Any help to jog my foggy memory will be much appreciated.
  2. Buchanan

    Buchanan New Member

    Taken from the Scottish Associations Championship Contest Record

    1965 - Le Roi D'ys
    1966 - Blackfriars
    1967 - Festival Music
    1968 - Beethoven's 8th Symphony
    1969 - Le Carnival Romain

    I can remember playing all these pieces, but as the memory cells are disappearing I can't quite remember when the Scottish Championships and the Scottish Area Qualifying contest merged. Maybe that explains the 1965 difference.

    Jim Buchanan
    Unison Kinneil band
  3. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Hi Jim - Good stuff !! - I don't recall Blackfriars or Beethovens 8th though.
    When I think back, wasn't there some fall out with the Area Organisers about that time ?
    I seem to remember that The Yorkshire Area broke away and held it's own Championsips for a couple of years.
    I definitely remember K.of Y's, Carnival R. and Festival Music,
    but I would swear we did Diadem of G. one year 'cos I remember the Sop player (He was unforgettably bad - poor lad !!!)
    By the way, you played before us in the Senior Cup, and our people in the Hall said you played a very good band - better than 10th, but that's banding.
  4. Dan

    Dan Member

    Hi Jim

    My dad was playing in the top section at this time and from his records:

    1967 Festival Music
    1968 Beethoven's 8th
    1969 Diadem of Gold
    1970 Corsair
    1971 Make a Joyful News
    1972 ??
    1973 Plantagenets
    1974 ??
    1975 ??
    1976 Spectrum
    1977 ??
    1978 ??
    1979 Variations for Brass Band
    1980 Beatrice and Benedict
    1981 Concertino
    1982 Essay for Band
    1983 Images
    1984 Waverley

    He was playing for Southsea Silver Band at the time and they were promoted into the top section in 1964. He seems to be sure that the 1965 test piece was Beethoven's 1st Symphony (Themes) and not Le Roi D'ys - but of course he may be wrong.

    He to remembers Le Franc Juges being a top section piece, but is sure that it was played before Southsea was promoted in 1964. Maybe this piece was 1960???
  5. Buchanan

    Buchanan New Member


    The pieces from the missing years are :-
    1972 - Concert Overture for Brass Band
    1974 - Variations on a Ninth
    1975 - Journey Into Freedom
    1977 - Pageantry
    1978 - Belmont Variations

    Lots of really good pieces from the sixties and seventies isn't there - but the maybe I'm just a dinosaur who doesn't understand the intricacies of pieces like Prague.

    Thanks for your commiserations on the Senior Cup result, it was a tad disappointing to say the least. Still we'll be back next year giving it our best shot.
  6. Ankanala

    Ankanala Member

    Concertino by Philip Lane was the 2nd Section piece in 1981. Variations on a Shining River was the top section.

  7. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Your Dad is correct, I've definitely ascertained that the 1965 Top Section Area piece was "Themes from Beethovens 1st Symphony" (In Yorkshire at least.)
    As mentioned before, I can remember playing "Diadem of Gold" at the Area in Leeds Town Hall and I suspect that was 66'cos I remember the Sop had a tough time (I won't mention his name, but Roy Roe took over shortly afterwards !!)
    But then again .............?? - Does anyone else know better ???
  8. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Dan - I've just noticed you've got Diadem down for 1969 - I'm sure it was a couple of years earlier - it's all too wearing on the brain now !!!!!!!
  9. Dan

    Dan Member

    Yes, it is all a bit of a nightmare trying to remember. I started contesting in 1986 and I'll be beeped if I can remember the test pieces from the 80's. It is probably all just a bit of a blur for those that contested in the 60's!!!!

    In 1998 we started compiling a complete listing of all the contests that the Southsea Band (later Lucketts Travel Southsea Band, now disbanded 2000) had attended over its 50 year history. My dad called some contesting organisation to ask for a comprehensive list of all the pieces played over the years. Unfortunately there is no such thing! In the end we relied on the memories of many past banders. The list is still not complete and although many entries may even be incorrect, we have many of the venues (i.e Wembly for L&SC), adjudicators and position (for the Southsea Band).

    Maybe it is time we all got our heads together and worked on a master list!!!!?????
  10. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    I think you're right Dan - There must be more old giffers like me knocking about who can delve back into the mists of time !!
    I've just found a Yorkshire Area programme from 1962 and it lists the Area pieces and Winners from 1945.
    1945 - Black Dyke - Lorenzo
    1946 - Brighouse - Downland Suite
    1947 - Black Dyke - Akhnaton
    1948 - Brighouse - Fantasia in F
    1949 - Brighouse - Morning Rhapsody
    1950 - St. Hildas - Festival Overture
    1951 - Brighouse - Atlantic
    1952 - Brighouse - Resurgam
    1953 - Black Dyke - Rhapsody in Brass
    1954 - Brighouse - Clive of India
    1955 - Black Dyke - Severn Suite
    1956 - Black Dyke - Orion
    1957 - Carlton Main - Themes from the 9th Symphony (? Beethoven)
    1958 - Black Dyke - Moor of Venice
    1959 - Black Dyke - Wuthering Heights
    1960 - Brighouse - Themes from Symphony No.5 (Tchaik)
    1961 - Black Dyke - Les Preludes
    and I know from the results in the prog that 1962 was Salute to Youth won by Crossleys Carpet Works, 2nd Grimey and 3rd Brighouse.
    The other bands were :- Bradford Victoria,Carlton,Hade Edge,Hammonds Sauce Works,Lindley, Markham Main Colliery, Wharncliffe Silkistone Colliery and Yorkshire Imps.
    That ends todays History Lesson, so you can all wake up now !!!
    (BUT WHAT HAPPENED IN 66/7/8/9 ?????????????)
  11. onedrummeruk

    onedrummeruk Member

    1966 - Le Roi D'ys - Black Dyke
    1967 - Festival Music - Grimethorpe
    1968 - Beethovens 8th Symphony - Grimethorpe
    1967 - Diadem of Gold - Hammonds Sauce
  12. onedrummeruk

    onedrummeruk Member

  13. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Hi - Just looked at the Grimey Area record on the website.
    I can fill in another blank for you.
    In 1970 Grimey were 2nd on the Corsair
    Yorkshire Imps won it and Hammonds were 3rd.
    The Judge was Walter Hargreaves (Bless him - I was playing for Imps !!!!!)
  14. Dan

    Dan Member

    Diadem of Gold is listed on the Grimethorpe site as being 1969.

    Also, on our Southsea Band records they also played Diadem of Gold at a couple of own choice piece contests during '69. Which may suggest it could have been the area piece for that year.

  15. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    The answers lie in the British Bandsman archive (It is extensive) - Their contest reports will mention the test piece used.
    Anyone got any influence at the BB office??

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