160 Brass Band Albums (Vinyl)

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    For Sale, 160 Vinyl Albums from many Top Bands of the Era.

    1) All Star Brass: 'Fantasy in Brass'
    2) Aldershot Brass Ensemble: 'Aldershot Brass Ensemble'
    3) Besses O' TH' Barn: 'Well done lads'
    4) Besses O' TH' Barn: 'Capriccio Brilliant'
    5) Besses O' TH' Barn: 'Pride of the North'
    6) Black Dyke Mills: 'Ivory and Brass'
    7) Black Dyke Mills: 'Carnival of Venice'
    :cool: Black Dyke Mills: 'Black Dyke in Concert'
    9) Black Dyke Mills: 'Triumphant Brass'
    10) Black Dyke Mills: 'Champion Brass'
    11) Black Dyke Mills: 'Double Champions 1972'
    12) Black Dyke Mills: 'Champions again'
    13) Black Dyke Mills: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:5'
    14) Black Dyke Mills: 'Black Dyke plays Langford'
    15) Black Dyke Mills: 'Music for Brass'
    16) Black Dyke Mills: 'High Peak for Brass'
    17) Black Dyke Mills: 'World Champion Brass'
    1:cool: Black Dyke Mills: 'Brass to the Fore'
    19) Black Dyke Mills: 'Black Dyke Mills Band'
    20) Black Dyke Mills: 'Traditionally British
    21) Black Dyke Mills: 'The Champions'
    22) Black Dyke Mills: 'Marching to Black Dyke'
    23) Black Dyke Mills: 'The Concert Sound'
    24) Black Dyke Mills: 'James Cook - Circumnavigator'
    25) Brighouse & Rastrick: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:12'
    26) Brighouse & Rastrick: 'Brass Acolade'
    27) Brighouse & Rastrick: 'Triple Champions'
    2:cool: Brighouse & Rastrick: 'The Champions Remember'
    29) Brighouse & Rastrick: 'Mosiac for Band'
    30) Brighouse & Rastrick: 'Brighouse & Rastrick'
    31) Burton Constructional: 'Burton Constructional'
    32) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Salute to Richard Rogers'
    33) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Banding with Ball'
    34) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Classical Brass'
    35) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Labour and Love'
    36) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Sounds of Brass and Voice'
    37) Carlton Main Frickley: 'Brass in Concert'
    3:cool: Carlton Main Frickley: 'Sovereign Brass'
    39) City of Coventry Band: 'City of Coventry'
    40) City of Coventry Band: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:15'
    41) City of Coventry Band: 'In Coventry Cathedral'
    42) City of Coventry Band: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:7'
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    43) City of London Brass: 'City of London Brass'
    44) Cory Band: 'Entertainment in Brass'
    45) Cory Band: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:19'
    46) Concert Brass 'Concert Brass Vol:1'
    47) CWS Manchester: 'Mighty Brass'
    4:cool: CWS Manchester: 'Popular Favourites in Brass'
    49) CWS Manchester: 'Fanfare and Soliloquy'
    50) CWS Manchester: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:9'
    51) CWS Manchester: 'Gilbert & Sullivan'
    52) Desford Colliery: 'The Desford Conquest'
    53) Desford Colliery: 'Viva Desford'
    54) Fairey Band: 'Brass in Action'
    55) Fairey Band: 'Polished Brass'
    56) Fairey Band: 'Concert Classics'
    57) Fairey Band: 'Sounds of Brass No4'
    5:cool: Fairey Band: 'Sounds of Brass No1'
    59) Fairey Band: 'More Concert Classics'
    60) Fodens: 'The Foden Sound'
    61) Fodens: 'Brass Supreme'
    62) Fodens: 'Festival Series No4'
    63) Fodens: 'A Christmas Offering'
    64) GUS: 'Brass in Perspective'
    65) GUS: 'Best of Brass'
    66) GUS: 'World Champions play Test Pieces'
    67) GUS: 'Under the double eagle'
    6:cool: GUS: 'Salute to Brass'
    69) GUS: 'Marches and Waltzes'
    70) GUS: 'Kings of Brass'
    71) GUS: 'Cornet Carillion'
    72) GUS: 'Morning Noon and Night'
    73) GUS: 'Going Home'
    74) GUS: 'The BEst of the GUS'
    75) GUS: 'Quartets for Brass'
    76) Grimethorpe: 'Christmas Praise'
    77) Grimethorpe: 'Belle Vue Brass'
    7:cool: Grimethorpe: 'Highlights in Brass'
    79) Grimethorpe: 'Brass versus the Classics'
    80) Grimethorpe: 'Grimethorpe Colliery Band'
    81) Grimethorpe: 'Festival Series No.3'
    82) Grimethorpe: 'Pop goes the post Horn'
    83) Hammonds Sauce Works: 'Quality Plus'
    84) Hammonds Sauce Works: 'Super Quality Plus'
    85) Hammonds Sauce Works: 'Yorkshire Brass'
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    86) Hampshire Youth Concert Band: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:10'
    87) Hampshire Youth Concert Bnad: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:17'
    8:cool: James Shepherd Versatile Brass: 'James Shepherd Versatile Brass'
    89) James Shepherd Versatile Brass: 'Solo Brass No.1'
    90) Langley Band: 'The Langley Band'
    91) Lisburn Silver Band: 'Silver in Co Antrim'
    92) Luton Band: 'The Luton Band'
    93) Men O'Brass: 'H Mortimers Diamond Jubilee'
    94) Men O'Brass: 'World of Brass Bands '
    95) Men O'Brass: 'World of Brass Bands Vol2'
    96) Men O'Brass: 'World of Brass Bands Vol3'
    97) Men O'Brass: 'Favourites in Brass'
    9:cool: Men O'Brass: 'Sousa Marches'
    99) Men O'Brass: 'Cathedral Brass'
    100) Men O'Brass: 'Massed Band Spectacular'
    101) Men O'Brass: 'Brass on the March'
    102) Men O'Brass: 'Classics for Brass'
    103) Men O'Brass: 'Firemans Gallop'
    104) Men O'Brass: 'Sousa the Great'
    105) Mellingriffith: 'Brass Band plays Pop'
    106) Morris Concert Band: 'Morris Concert Band'
    107) Morris Concert Band: 'Out and About in Merry England'
    10:cool: National Band of New Zealand: 'National Band of New Zealand'
    109) National Youth Band: 'National Youth Band'
    110) Netteswell Youth Band: 'The Netteswell Experience'
    111) Park and Dare: 'Rhondda Rhapsody'
    112) Ransome Hoffman Pollard Band: 'Rolling Brass'
    113) Redbridge Band: 'The Redbridge Phenomenon'
    114) Rochdale Band: 'Sounds of Brass Vol:16'
    115) Royal Marines Band: 'Nightfall in Camp'
    116) Royal Doulton Band: 'Clayhanger'
    117) Royal Doulton Band: 'Royal Doulton Band'
    11:cool: Sola Brass: 'Concerto'
    119) Scottish CWS: 'Scottish Rhapsody'
    120) Scottish CWS: 'Scottish CWS Band'
    121) Stanshaw (Bristol): 'Spectrum'
    122) Tredegar Junior Band: 'Sounds of Brass Vol.20'
    123) Wingates Band: 'Brass from Wingates'
    124) Wingates Band: 'Gilbert and Sullivan in Brass'
    125) Wingates Band: 'The National Champions'
    126) Wingates Band: 'Flourishing Brass'
    127) Yorkshire Imps: 'Highlights in Brass'
    12:cool: Yorkshire Imps: 'Brass International'
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    129) Yorkshire Imps: 'The Sound of Yorkshire Imperials'
    130) Yorkshire Imps: 'Sounds of Brass Vol6'
    131) Yorkshire Imps: 'Sounds of Brass Vol2'
    132) Yorkshire Imps: 'Yorkshire Imps'
    133) Watney Silver Band : 'Watney Silver Band'
    134) (Various) : 'Harry Mortimers World of Big Brass Band'
    135) (Various) :'Festival Brass (Wills 1970)
    136) (Various) :'Brass Band Festival 1971'
    137) (Various) :'A Festival of Brass (Wills 1972)'
    13:cool: (Various) :'Wills Festival 1971'
    139) (Various) :'Wills Championship Concert 1973'
    140) (Various) :'Best of British Brass'
    141) (Various) :'TheVery Best of Brass'
    142) (Various) : 'Brass Spectacular'
    143) (Various) : 'Granada Festival 1971'
    144) (Various) : 'Granada Festival'
    145) (Various) : 'Massed Bands Festival Belle Vue'
    146) (Various) : 'World of Brass Band Vol4'
    147) (Various) : 'Brass Band Classic'
    14:cool: (Various) : 'National Brass Band Festival 1967'
    149) (Various) : ' ' 1969
    150) (Various) : ' ' 1971
    151) (Various) : ' ' 1975
    152) (Various) : 'Stars on Sunday'
    153) (Various) : 'Virtuoso Brass Band'
    154) (Various) : 'Virtuoso Brass Band Vol4'
    155) (Various) : 'Virtuoso Brass Band Vol5'
    156) (Various) : 'Virtuoso Brass Band Vol6'
    157) (Various) : 'Virtuoso Brass Band Vol7'
    15:cool: (Various) : 'Virtuoso Brass Band Vol11'
    159) (Various) : 'Edinburgh Military Tattoo 1975'
    160) (Various) : 'wEMBLEY mILITARY mUSICAL Pageant'

    Open to offers for the lot.
    Please send an offer by PM

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