15th March 2009 - FCBA "Night of Brass" hosted by Kingdom Brass

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  1. JTKBrass

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    Kingdom Brass will be hosting the 2009 Fife Charities Band Association "Night of Brass" this Sunday, March 15th.

    5 bands, from section 4 to Championship, will be performing their music for the Scottish Championships the following weekend, plus a short performance from the Kingdom Brass Youth Band following their afternoon workshop with James Gourlay.

    6.00pm Dysart Colliery (Bill Sandell)
    6.30pm Dunfermline Town (Dave Neil)
    7.00pm Tullis Russell (Andy Shaw)
    7.30pm Lochgelly (Paul Drury)
    8.00pm Kingdom Brass Youth (James Gourlay)
    8.15pm Kingdom Brass (James Gourlay)

    The event is being held in the Co-op Hall, Cowdenbeath, and is free of charge. There's a bar running all night, and if last year is anything to go by it should be a great night and a great atmosphere.
  2. smaca

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    Great initiative, great idea------------good luck with this event.:clap:
  3. JTKBrass

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    Thanks Stuart.
  4. JamesResurgam

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    Agree 100%, but missing you from Kngdom. Where have you gone?

  5. smaca

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    I am still alive Mr J---------I sensed I wasn't wanted no more.:confused: Have no doubt the Kingdom will thrive without me.
  6. JTKBrass

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    Of course, but get yourself signed back onto the forum, we miss your witty banter :)

    Anyway, before some big boy comes and tells us off, this event really will be a good night, and it's free, and there's a bar !! Get yourself along if you're not rehearsing on Sunday night.
  7. smaca

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    I am sure it will be a great night, and great benefit not just for the listening audience, but chance for bands to perform under some kind of pressure and to the public.

    Unfortunately, we have a 5-10pm on Sunday, so won't make it. Good luck anyway.