14 year old Belgian euphonium talent to play with YBS in Leuven (B)

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    Next week, on may 27th, the YBS Band will play a concert in the music hall of the Lemmens Institute Conservatory in Leuven, Belgium. they will be joined on stage by 14 year old supertalent Glenn Van Looy on euphonium. For the young player, this will be a dream come true.

    Glenn, who's father is a conductor, started playing the euphonium at the age of 8 and it was immediately clear that he had a gift for it. Last year, at the age of 13, he got an offer from David Thornton to study at the Chetham's School of Music. Unfortunately, this couldn't go through because the lower age limit for getting a scholarship to study abroad is 16 years...

    A couple of weeks ago, Glenn was a member of the European Youth Brass Band that was formed for the European Brass Band Championships in Belfast. In Belgium, he currently plays 2nd euphonium for Festival Brass Band (championship section) and principal euphonium for Brass Band Heist (promoted to 2nd section last year) and he is also a member of the Vlaams Fanfare Orkest. Later, Glenn wants to make a living from music. "That would be the ultimate fun: being able to live from playing the euphonium, just like my idol Steven Mead!", he said.

    For the YBS concert, Glenn was contacted by Ben Haemhouts of music publishers Beriato. For their 10th anniversary, Beriato was organising a concert by the YBS Band in Leuven. When Glenn was asked if he would want to play a soloitem with the band, he almost couldn't believe his ears...

    For his appearance with YBS, Glenn got special coaching from Ben Haemhouts himself (an internationally known trombone player). He also met with Steve Walsh and David King of YBS while he was in Belfast ad he even flew to Manchester especially for a rehearsal.

    A name to remember...
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