100 Greatest Test Pieces: THE RESULTS

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by BreadOfHeaven, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. BreadOfHeaven

    BreadOfHeaven Member

    Well here we are finally!! After a month of spreadsheets and sorting through pm's I finally have a list of the 100 greatest Test Pieces as voted by you the tmp public (well over 80 of you anyway!!!). Thanks for all the voting and thought that you put into it. A clear winner that appeared somewhere on nearly everyone's list.

    It's been great fun. Now the debate begins........................

    =96 Triptych Sparke 7
    The Shipbuilders Yorke 7
    James Cook Circumnavigator Vinter 7
    Les Preludes Rimmer 7
    A Moorside Suite Holst 7
    =88 Albion Van Der Roost 8
    Henry V Price 8
    Freedom Bath 8
    Carnival Romain Wright 8
    Leonardo Wilby 8
    Cambridge Variations Sparke 8
    Haselmere Suite Graham 8
    Malvern Suite Sparke 8
    =81 The Maunsell Forts McCabe 9
    Purcell Variations Downie 9
    Prometheus Unbound Bantock 9
    Tintagel Wright 9
    Comedy Overture Ireland 9
    High Peak Ball 9
    Sinfonietta No 2 Ballisat 9
    =74 Five Blooms In A Welsh Garden Wood 10
    Chorale and Tocatta Buller 10
    Downland Suite Ireland 10
    Un Vie De Matelot Farnon 10
    Tournament for Brass Ball 10
    Benvenuto Cellini Wright 10
    Kensington Concerto Ball 10
    =70 The Aeronauts Richards 11
    Symphony Of Marches Vinter 11
    Fantasy Arnold 11
    La Forza Del Destino Wright 11
    =67 Sinfonietta - The Wayfarer Ball 12
    Whitsun Wakes M Ball 12
    Fireworks Howarth 12
    66 Oceans Richards 13
    =63 Lydian Pictures Dobson 14
    Kennilworth Bliss 14
    Prague Bingham 14
    =58 Vizcaya Vinter 15
    Diversions For Brass Band Bourgeois 15
    Lowry Sketchbook Wilby 15
    Music For A Festival Sparke 15
    Partita Gregson 15
    =56 Hymn at Sunrise Steadman-Allen 16
    Royal Parks Lloyd 16
    =54 Ballet For Band Horowitz 17
    Odin Butterworth 17
    =52 Trumpets Of The Angels Gregson 18
    Checkmate Ball 18
    51 Seascapes Steadman-Allen 20

    =49 Chain Swearts 21
    Plantagenates Gregson 21
    =47 Triumphant Rhapsody Vinter 24
    Suite Gothique Ball 24
    46 Energy Simpson 25
    45 Rhapsody In Brass Goffin 26
    44 Enigma Variations Ball 27
    43 Coventry Variations Tovey 29
    42 Partita Sparke 30
    =40 Connotations Gregson 31
    Le Roi Dy's Wright 31
    39 Diadem of Gold Wright 32
    =37 Dances And Arias Gregson 33
    Diversions on A Bass Theme Lloyd 33
    36 Of Men And Mountains Gregson 34
    35 New Jerusalem Wilby 36
    =32 Between The Moon And Mexico Sparke 41
    Tallis Variations Sparke 41
    Sounds Golland 41
    31 Land Of the Long White Cloud Sparke 46

    =28 Harrison's Dream Graham 49
    Variations on A 9th Vinter 49
    Legends and Myths On Alderly Edge Graham 49
    27 Montage Graham 50
    26 Apocalypse Bourgeois 51
    25 Epic Symphony Fletcher 53
    =22 Spectrum Vinters 56
    Variations on an Enigma Sparke 56
    Festival Music Ball 56
    21 English Heritage Lloyd 58

    20 Pageantry Howells 59
    19 Issiah 40 Redhead 63
    18 Life Divine Jenkins 65
    17 Les Preludes Gay 68
    16 Cloudcatcher Fells McCabe 70
    15 Jazz Wilby 78
    14 Tristan Encounters Ellerby 89
    13 Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Bourgeois 91
    12 Masquerade Wilby 97
    11 Dove Descending Wilby 105

    =9 Harmony Music Sparke 108
    Revelation Wilby 108
    8 The Essence Of Time Graham 123
    7 Concerto Grosso Bourgeois 129
    6 Blitz Bourgeois 138
    5 Contest Music Heaton 174
    4 Paganini Variations Wilby 232
    3 Resurgam Ball 246
    2 The Year Of The Dragon Sparke 248
    1 Journey Into Freedom Ball 288
  2. Maestro

    Maestro Active Member

    Romford, Essex
    Well done on a great idea. I didn't envy you once having to sort out that little lot.
    There are some great and very interesting pieces there.
  3. MRSH

    MRSH Supporting Member

    North Lancing
    All I can say BreadofHeaven is what a fantastic job you've done. Thank you.

    I think 6 of my top 10 are in the all time top ten. WhaHay. :D :D :D
    And I wouldn't argue at all with the number one.

    Can I just ask - would it be possible to sort and post here the composers of the top 100 pieces in order of number of pieces voted for - if you understand what I mean. I know I could work it out from the list but as you have it on spreadsheet - a couple of clicks and hey presto. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: . That stat would also be very interesting.

    Anyway - great job.
  4. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Hadleigh, Essex
    Well done indeed :!:

    Can you also let us know how many other pieces were suggested, but scored less than 7, and fell outside the top 100 :?:

    It would also be interesting to know how many people voted for each one, as there could be quite a wide variation, with 10 points being available for a No 1 place, eg a count of 100 could be made up of votes from only 10 people, or 100 placing it tenth on their list.
  5. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Well-Known Member

    Between the Moon and Mexico
    I think this ties up pretty closely with a poll the Bandsman did some years ago.
  6. Darth_Tuba

    Darth_Tuba Active Member

    Indeed Peter. In fact, a piece could come top of the poll without anyone at all placing it as their number one. If this was the All England Masters there'd be uproar! :wink: hehe.

    Sorry, bit off topic. Wasn't surprised by the list at all really. Journey into Freedom, Year of the Dragon and Resurgam were certainly my top 3. I still think JitF should have been used at the RAH last year as part of the Eric Ball centenary, rather than one of his arrangements. It's the definative brass band test piece for me. Full on music and would still test any band today
  7. bassinthebathroom

    bassinthebathroom Active Member

    Well done! What a project this must have been!
    Can't argue with the Number 1 spot either! Excellent stuff!
  8. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    Super work mate. You can now be entered in the annuls of history under the category of Super-BOC :D

    Terrific stuff, all my favs in there (though JiF isn't one of them though I can see it's popularity), and better yet not all Championship pieces either!.

    Interesting that Coventry Variations comes in higher than Rhapsody, wonder if this will still be the case in a couple of years time (after the memory of the piece at the areas fades).
  9. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Excellent! Thanks for the hard work.

    Will 'un-stick' the voting thread and make this one a sticky for a while to give it the prominence it deserves.

  10. BreadOfHeaven

    BreadOfHeaven Member

    Don't say I'm not good to you!

    Composer total
    Sparke 11
    Ball 10
    Wilby 8
    Gregson 6
    Vinter 6
    Wright 6
    Bourgeois 5
    Graham 5
    Lloyd 3
    Ireland 2
    McCabe 2
    Richards 2
    Steadman-Allen 2
    Arnold 1
    Ballisat 1
    Bantock 1
    Bath 1
    Bingham 1
    Bliss 1
    Buller 1
    Butterworth 1
    Dobson 1
    Downie 1
    Ellerby 1
    Farnon 1
    Fletcher 1
    Gay 1
    Goffin 1
    Golland 1
    Heaton 1
    Holst 1
    Horowitz 1
    Howarth 1
    Howells 1
    Jenkins 1
    M Ball 1
    Price 1
    Redhead 1
    Rimmer 1
    Simpson 1
    Swearts 1
    Tovey 1
    Van Der Roost 1
    Wood 1
    Yorke 1

    There was 139 pieces in total voted for Peter. Hopefully soon the whole spreadsheet will be available to peruse at your leisure :D I'm away for a lie-down now 8)
  11. Maestro

    Maestro Active Member

    Romford, Essex
    If you're at a loss at what to do now for entertainment, you could always let us know who voted for what piece :roll: :p :twisted: :wink:
  12. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Congratulations Mr. Sparke! Officially tMP's favourite composer of test-pieces!
  13. BreadOfHeaven

    BreadOfHeaven Member

    BUT.... if you look at this way......

    Composer and TOTAL points

    Ball 700
    Wilby 679
    Sparke 608
    Bourgeois 424
    Graham 279
    Heaton 174
    Vinter 162
    Gregson 152
    Lloyd 107
    Ellerby 89
    McCabe 79
    Gay 68
    Jenkins 65
    Redhead 63
    Howells 59
    Fletcher 53
    Golland 41
    Steadman-Allen 36
    Tovey 29
    Goffin 26
    Simpson 25
    Richards 24
    Swearts 21
    Ireland 19
    Butterworth 17
    Horowitz 17
    Bingham 14
    Bliss 14
    Dobson 14
    Howarth 12
    M Ball 12
    Arnold 11
    Buller 10
    Farnon 10
    Wood 10
    Ballisat 9
    Bantock 9
    Downie 9
    Bath 8
    Price 8
    Van Der Roost 8
    Holst 7
    Rimmer 7

    Lies, dammed lies and statistics :D
  14. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Well-Known Member

    Between the Moon and Mexico
    I don't think there's ANY need to look at it that way!!!!

    I'd like to thank my family, my manager, Malcolm Roberts and all the people, too many to mention, who worked behind the scenes :mrgreen:
  15. euphoria

    euphoria Member

    Great job - well done.

    I find it interesting that none of the top 10 pieces are new (I believe that Revelations must be the newest piece in the top ten, and that is at least 8 years old I think).

    I wonder if it takes some years for a test piece to become a true "classic" favourite within the brass community or has the test pieces of the last 8-10 years just not been as good as they used to be?
  16. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    West Sussex
    WOW - fab job Bread 8)
    A few surprises, and what a fantastic top 10 (including 4 of my faves, woohoo!). Wouldn't they make a great selection for a cd or own choice contest?!
  17. Gorgie boy

    Gorgie boy Member

    Bo'ness on the beautiful Forth
    Well done my man! What a piece of work - you can now stop neglecting your studies and more importantly stop wasting all my income tax!!

    It's always interesting to note how some pieces which are topical score well. for example I don't think that 'Tristan' would score so highly if the poll was conducted this time next year. The same could maybe be said for 'Coventry Variations'.

    Maybe you should do it again next year, Martyn, just in order to see if my theory's correct!

    Paul Drury
    Edinburgh Gorgie SA Band

    PS I've sent you a very 'anoraky' PM - sorry!
  18. eckyboy

    eckyboy Member

    Cupar, Fife.
    thanks for a very good poll-highly impressed
    Thought Plantagenates would have came higher up the ladder but not surprised with the winner
  19. jambo

    jambo Member

    Seoul, S.Korea
    Good work bread.

    Doubt i'd hve had the patience for the task so well done.

    Great results too, most of my fave's finishing up there...no indian summer in the top ten...surprising eh?
  20. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    Number 1 = Journey Into Freedom... not complaints here and absolutely fantastic piece, a true band classic and one of my faves
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