10 year memorial Concert for Guardsman Tony Downes

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    The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service band are performing a Concert in Tony's memory, on 13th May @ 1900Hrs in the Concorde Suite Droylsden.

    During the day we asked school choirs if they would like to perform, as we had local bands and choirs last time (2012) and it went down really well, we do have some spaces available if your band would like to support this event, performing in the Town Square in Droylsden between 10am & 3pm.

    Money collected during your stint will be split 50/50 with your band and our main charity which this year is the Cols fund of The Grenadier Guards.

    Playing spots are split in to 30 mins, but due to distance i am happy if your band wishes to play for a double slot.

    Tony lost his life in Afgan in 2007 and his family continuously are trying to raise funds for military charities.

    If you can not help but would like to donate, please go to our bands website www.thefireband.co.uk click on tickets page and donate via paypal, PLEASE put that its a donation!


    download the poster below or off our facebook page and freely distribute.

    Many thanks for reading

    Event Co-ord
    go limit poster.jpg
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