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    Is there such a thing as an 'official' 10 piece lineup or does it vary?

    I'd imagine 4 cornets, Eb horn, Bariton, Euph, Trombone, Eb bass and percussion would do a nice ten piece? Does any of you know of a good resource of 10 piece music, particularly Christmas stuff, for this kind of lineup?
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    10 piece can vary.

    Orchestral Brass Ten piece a'la London brass would be 4 *Trumpets, (1st covering picc, 2nd and 3rd covering Eb and 4th covering Flugel) 1 * Horn in F, 1 * Tuba, 4 trombones, 2nd or 3rd covering Euph and 4th = Bass Trom).

    Brass Band ten piece can vary, but I would recommend the following.
    Sop, 2 cornets, 1 flugel, 1 Horn in Eb, 1 Euph/Bari, 1 Tenor Trom, 1 Bass Trom, 1 Eb Bass, 1 perc.

    Ray Woodfield (Christmas Crackers etc) has done loads of his arrangements using the above line up. Try Hallmashire or Kirklees for that type of stuff.


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    Adrian Drover's 10-piece instrumentation seems to be the standard for brass bands (as far as I am aware). Sop., 2 Bb cornets, flugel, horn, baritone (or horn), tenor trom., bass trom., euphonium, tuba and percussion.

  4. brasscrest

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    Washington, DC, USA
    The SA in New York publish a series for (minimum) 9-piece - 3 cornets (one doubling the first cornet part), 2 horns, 2 bones, 1 euph, 1 bass (either flavor). They publish two sets (4 -6 pieces a set) twice a year, with the second almost always a Christmas set. There are additional parts provided for additional players (although I wish they wouldn't actually print optional on the baritone part!).
  5. This thread is quite helpful. Please continue to list other sources of 10-piece scores and parts.

    Who publishes the arrangements for German Brass (by Enrique Crespo, Matthais Höfs, etc.)?


    Steve Marcus
    Music Director and Tuba
    Chicago Brass Band Players
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