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  1. Smid

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    We have decided that we need to invest in some new arrangements for our 10 piece as it’s been so long since we updated our programme!

    So before I start trawling through the music catalogues I thought I’d ask if anyone could recommend any good arrangements either specifically for 10 piece or perhaps that you’ve doctored from full band arrangements.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    Jackfield Band
  2. We publish three 10-piece arrangements of music from our full band catalogue, these are...

    (Is This The Way To) Amarillo
    Danse Macabre
    The Avengers

    Although scored for an orchestral 10-piece, (Trumpets, French Horns etc) we happily supply brass band 10-piece instrumentation at no extra charge.
  3. John_D

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    Hallamshire published some very nice 10 piece arangements
  4. Gig

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    Try bigshinybrass.com, Matt has some arrange ments for smaller groups on there
  5. TonyW

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    I`ll happily do one for you for free. It`ll be short - 2min. and you`ll need to give me your line up of instruments/perc etc and an approximate standard of playing your group can attain, using the UK ABRSM grading system. I would assume you`ll be looking at something between grade 5 and 7 (not 8?) Please advise.
    Warning: You may not receive it till mid-summer, but you may ask for a specific `tune` - but if it`s obscure, you`ll need to supply me with a piano copy (or whatever).
    anthony_wakefield@btinternet.com. Note: underscore between my two names.
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  6. eflatbass

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    I think you will find that Smid's band is Championship standard!
  7. TonyW

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    Well - whatever, but they`re not looking for a test piece are they - not for 10?! If the band want me to do something, I`ll do it. :)
  8. brassneck

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    I assume that you will obtain copyright permission for specific requests too?
  9. eflatbass

    eflatbass Supporting Member

    Brassneck: what ever are you suggesting?:)
  10. brassneck

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    Not the obvious I hope ... ;)
  11. halsasaurus

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    Hi, what is a good combination, or what is the reckonised standard combination, for a 10 piece with respect to instrumentation?
  12. TonyW

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    Brassneck, Eb Bass, you may continue to resort to your own brand of secret messages - I`ve no idea what you are saying to each other, but my word is my word. If I offer to do an arr. for free, then the band itself obviously will understand that after my devoted efforts have ended, copyright clearance and music copying etc will fall upon the band itself to administer. Thanks for your understanding.
  13. Roger Thorne

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    Standard 'Brass Band' combination is usually . . .

    4 Bb Cornets
    1 Eb Horn
    1 Tenor Trom
    1 Bass Trom
    1 Euph
    1 Eb Bass
    1 Percussion (Drums)

    Although a Soprano or Flugel can sometimes replace a Bb Cornet.

  14. GJG

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    I'm not sure there is one? In terms of orchestral brass it seems to be generally accepted that the instrumentation is based on the PJBE line-up ie. 4 trpt. (doubling as required), 1 Fr. Hrn., 4 Trb. (3 tenor, 1 bass) + tuba. But when it comes to brass band instruments I'm not sure there is a "standard". I may be wrong.
  15. Please note, that for any arrangement of a piece of music not in the public domain, copyright clearance must be obtained BEFORE making the arrangement. Who ever pays for the licensing/arrangement fee is between the band and the arranger.

    We are able to help with copyright clearances if you require.
  16. eflatbass

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    Brassneck and I are not a “team”, so I can only speak for myself as a typical grumpy old man, sometimes having a warped sense of humour. No offence was intended, and your word was certainly not under question.

    I am sure that you are fully informed on the intricacies of copyright, from the position of both arranger and performer.

  17. Boneman

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    Hi all! I'm a member of this ten piece group!

    Firstly huge thanks to Arranger/Composer for the offer! Fantastic that someone should offer their services for free! We'll be in touch with a PM!

    Also thanks for the links to sites we definitely have a look at what’s on offer

    Also Roger is spot on with the player combination (of course!). I think what we have would be regarded as the standard set up. Its 4 Bb Cornets (we sometimes have a flugel/sop), then a tenor horn, tenor trom (that's me!), bass trom, euph, Eb Bass and Kit.

    We've been playing for a number of years now and have quite an established set of gigs and line up. The big problem we have is finding new music for this group. We have music specifically written for 10 piece, but we've playing this for years now and we could do with refreshing the repertoire. We have taken some full band pieces and shared out the parts, but this doesn't always work and it can be a bit of a logistical nightmare trying to read off a number of parts at once!

    One of the key things to bear in mind is that we don't have a conductor so pieces that have lots of pauses, or regularly changing time keys can be a bit of a problem!!

    In terms of the repertoire we are looking for then the nature of the jobs we do tend to be on the 'light' or 'entertaining' side.

    Many thanks for the pointers so far. . . and keep them coming . . . its much appreciated!
  18. TonyW

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    Thank you for that Pennine, but please let me repeat - if I offer to do an arr. for free, all responsibilies must lie with the performer, be they prior or post.
    All this speculation is becoming unnecessary. It seems as tho` not just a few posters have taken it for granted that the only piece that is going to be offered for free will be something where the composer ain`t been dead and buried for 70 years or more.
    Have you ever known an offer like this before, (where a charity is not involved, and where the offer is from a stranger) where all responsibilities and costs have been taken on board by the arr?
    All this `toing and froing` may likely cause the band to say no to my offer, which will be quite sad - I don`t present any hidden politics in what I`m doing: it seems likely that others may be toying with politics quite unnecessarily.
    I`m new in here, but I can see no reason why others seem to want to point out basic technicalities in copyright law: I worked within EMI Music Publishing for 10 years, being involved in their litigation ventures to a degree, (most of them successfully) so rest assured I`m not gonna get any band into any trouble.
  19. TonyW

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    EbBass, Barry, Thanks for your note, and your understanding. I hadn`t noticed your post at the start of a second page, so please ignore what I say re politics in my subsequent post to Pennine.
  20. TonyW

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    Hi Boneman,
    Thanks for the opportunity. If you want to come up with a suggestion, or if you want to leave it to me, I`m easy either way. Just give me some sort of semi-official `go ahead`, and `I`ll get me thinkin` `ead on` as Worzel Gummage used to say.