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  1. Supersonic

    Supersonic New Member

    we are 1 uncle (sop) and 1 nephew (Bb cornet) looking for a change of band after the N/West area contest.

    Thankyou to all that got intouch with me.

    All emails and phone calls will be answered in confidence.


  2. Heather

    Heather Member

    Eagley Band in Bolton are definately looking for cornet players . Not sure about sop but I'm sure they could accomodate you.
    They are a 2nd section Band.
    I don't play for them any more but still stay in contact with them.
    If you want any other details then PM me.
  3. little_b_140

    little_b_140 Member

    Always welcome


    Arnfield brass is a 4th section band and are always welcoming new players. I have read your post and realise that you are looking for 3rd or 2nd section band but you are always welome to come to a rehearsal and see how you feel.

    We are based in Tintwistle, Derbyshire and practise every Wednesday evening from 7.00 to 9.00pm at Tintwistle Liberal and Working Mens Club, situated in Tintwistle.

    For more details you may email me at little_b_140@hotmail.com or view our website www.arnfieldbrass.co.uk

    Good luck with your search,

    Bekki x
  4. Just Crazy

    Just Crazy Member

    we are a 4th section band who with a new sop and cornet player would turn us into a 3rd section band, we prtactise in st helens though,might be too far but our conductor is from manchester "somewhere only he knows" as said by Keane!!!!

    Your welcome to pay a visit to our very friendly and lively band.

    good luck in your hunt.
  5. musicmaker

    musicmaker Member

    pitty Ripon is a bit too far, two for one is a good deal, "says Mr Morrison":):):):):):)

    TIMBONE Active Member

    "I DON'T BELIEVE IT" - a phrase made famous by a TV sitcom - and now made even more famous by The Parr Band in St Helens. What do we need? A sop and a front row (2nd man down if possible). What are we doing in April? Tameside Contest and a CD. It would be good to have a chat about it. (I live in Sale Jenny) :biggrin:
  7. Just Crazy

    Just Crazy Member

    (I live in Sale Jenny) :biggrin: [/QUOTE]

    Sale, Manchester its the same isnt it?

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