£1000 and possibly a bit more to blow on a tenor horn

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by iannotts, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. iannotts

    iannotts New Member

    Hi all
    Thought i`d try and grab attention with the title.

    I`m currently in the training band at Carlton Brass and well I`ve saved up some cash and I`m looking for a decent Tenor. Any thing has to be better that the leaky Imperial I am using at the moment.

    Are the lottery Bessons so bad as people make out.

    John Packer, Yams, Yorks, B&S, its a minefield everyone has their own opinion i know Ive read most of them. Hence all I ask is could someone give me a starting point please.

    Or if someone knows of a decent horn for sale could they point me in the right direction.
  2. bassmittens

    bassmittens Member

    See if you can get hold of a reconditioned "Round Stamp Sovereign". I picked up a great condition refurb'd one for my wife for under £900 and it is by far the best instrument she's played on (she also tried a new style one, and a new York at the time).

    Cash4trumpets (i think they are on here somewhere) was where i got hers from, but there will be a few people selling them.
  3. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    West Sussex
    If I had a grand to spend on a horn I'd go for a good second hand Sovereign or Maestro - I wouldn't even look at new instruments.

    Not sure where you are in the country Ian, but a good starting point might be to contact a couple of local(ish) shops and see what they've got.
  4. iannotts

    iannotts New Member

    Thanks Folks I`m just outside Nottingham
  5. Sandy Smith

    Sandy Smith Member

    Hi Ian,
    If I was looking to buy an instrument now I would be scouring the internet for an old round stamp sovereign. Even one that has seen better days can be refurbished well.
    Don't rush into accepting something which you are not quite happy with. Just keep looking regularly on auction sites and maybe even try offering a "buy it now" price for a horn which fits the bill but is listed for auction.
    Be patient.
    Good luck !
  6. ellieg1984

    ellieg1984 New Member

    I've just managed to get myself as very nice 1981 B&H Sovereign - totally refurb-ed and re-plated from the lovely Jenny at cash4brass (http://www.cash4brass.co.uk/).
    I'm sure there's one on eBay at the moment too.
    My horn is the second instrument I've bought from her, decent service too.
  7. JonP

    JonP Member

    Just sent you a PM mate.

    Last edited: Apr 21, 2014
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